10 Photos of Winston-Salem Food That Will Make You Miss Wake Forest

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had an embarrassing number of dreams about Winston-Salem this summer. The background for my countdown to move-in (34 days, by the way) is a picture of a Village Juice smoothie bowl.

Thankfully, I take pictures of almost all of my meals, so I’ve been able to reminisce about the beauty that is Winston food. I hope you enjoy these ten photos of Winston food that will make you as excited about going back to the Tre Fo as I am.

1. These huevos rancheros at Mozelle’s are towering, spicy brunch perfection.

2. This homemade lasagna from the local, farm-to-fork favorite Diamondback Grill switches around weekly, but it’s always delectable.

3. That sunlight catches the queso just right on this veggie burger from Crafted: The Art of the Taco.

4. Winston’s Food Truck Friday game is so strong, and these dessert food truck Ice Queen Ice Cream sandwiches are no exception. Treat yo’ self. (photo by Gracie Wiener)

5. Zick’s changed the game with their new flatbreads last year. Don’t listen to the haters. They’re beautiful.

6. I miss Camino and their latte art so much. How they made this perfect elephant and dolphin blows my mind.

7. All of the food at Krankies is stunning, and this chicken biscuit is no exception. Wake students are celebrating the fact that this is the latest study spot, walking distance from Innovation Quarter classrooms. (photo by Gracie Wiener)

8. These fries and this bun from Local. So crisp.

9. Krispy Kreme has been a hometown hero since 1937. Gotta love these seasonal beauties.

10. Did you really think I could make this list and not include the most aesthetically pleasing food Winston has to offer? Village Juice’s coconut butter bowl with bee pollen finishes this list of beautiful Winston food.

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