3 Haute Couture Favorites from 2019 Paris Fashion Week

Ever since getting the chance to intern with CHANEL in New York City, I have discovered my, now addictive, interest in Haute Couture. I find myself constantly pinning past Couture looks on my Pinterest account and taking time to admire their evident innovation in design and detail in craftsmanship. I was ready and excited as models strutted down runways in Paris sporting Spring-Summer 2019 Haute Couture lines last week. After getting the chance to watch a few runway shows online and look at up-close pictures of various pieces, 3 maisons stood out to me …

I was first drawn to Dior’s designs displayed in, as some viewed it, an “immersive fashion experience.” Artistic director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, paid homage to previous Dior collections and neighboring artists, sparking her creative edge and making “the circus” the backdrop and central theme of her line. Dior emphasized the relationship between the circus and high fashion, even placing the runway within a circus tent. Both events are perceived as magical, evoked by a mix of memories and imagination, and displayed through costume and performance. In addition, an all-woman acrobat troupe performed on each side of the runway, symbolizing strong female support to contrast Chiuri’s elegant designs.

Photo credits: Vogue

Look from Dior.

Second, I took notice to Elie Saab’s line. Elie Saab is a Lebanese designer who started his work in the 1980s — later than large fashion houses like Dior. However, his designs cannot be discounted. Last week his goal was to “celebrate the magic of femininity,” creating a line with a liquid quality, embodying ocean themes. Observing each look, it is not hard to to see the ornate, extravagant details that successfully lent itself to an overarching, contrasting sense of flamboyance and lightness.    

Photo credits: Vogue

Look from Elie Saab.

Lastly, although a little biased, I can’t talk about Haute Couture without mentioning CHANEL. Artistic director Karl Lagerfeld transformed the Grand Palais once again for his runway show, this time making its backdrop a villa set in 18th century South of France. The line was full of CHANEL’s trademark tweed in addition to pieces with longer hemlines and bateau necklines. However, the most striking design in the collection was Lagerfeld’s final bridal look, a sequined bathing suit with a matching swimming cap and veil. The design proves that CHANEL is constantly willing to take risks and push the boundaries of high fashion.  

Photo Credits: CHANEL

Look from CHANEL.

After such an inspiring fashion week in Paris in Haute Couture, I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2019 will bring for these renowned designers.

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