4 Items that Turn a Communal Bathroom into Luxury

Communal bathrooms in college are a character-building experience. As a huge germaphobe and someone who loves self-care, I have found little ways to make my college communal bathroom a more luxurious part of my day rather than another source of stress. I would recommend these four items in particular for anyone, whether you are in Collins, Poteat, or beyond. These items will turn your dorm bathroom into the spa you deserve.

A splurge item from Lush

My personal favorite Lush items are It’s Raining Men shower gel and the American Cream hair conditioner. These products have been close to my heart since my Lush obsession in middle school. Their shower gels and hair products fill the space with wonderful, calming smells from their use of essential oils. The smell of their products alone takes the college shower to a new level.

Photo credits: @lushcosmetics

A razor subscription from Billie

Billie razors come straight to your P.O. box with super cute packaging for the incredible price of $9 for 4 razor blades, so you can say goodbye to that Pink Tax! Having cute, affordable razors delivered to you? Sounds like luxury to me.

Photo credits: @billie

Your own hand soap

Hear me out on this one — I know this might seem over the top, but you can’t beat the feeling of clean, lavender-scented hands. While the communal bathroom soap gets the job done, you can get Smarty’s $1 hand soap from Target that smells and feels luxurious.

Photo credits: mayahawaii325

A fluffy robe

If you have ever walked down the hall of your dorm in a towel, you will understand the struggle. A nice fluffy robe is my favorite item at college. If you have to make a journey to the bathroom, do it in the most comfortable way. Additionally, knowing you have a fluffy robe waiting for you after your shower is the epitome of luxury in my opinion (plus you don’t have to commit to an outfit right away). My favorite robes are from Victoria Secret.

Photo credits: Tom Newton, Into the Gloss

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