Four Ways to Beat April Showers


photo by Phil Oh

Style your hair the Olsen Twin way

We can all agree there are few things worse (from a beauty point of view) than spending an hour or so perfectly blowing out your hair, only to walk outside and to receive a complimentary poodle puff from humid, rainy weather. This month, skip the hot tools all together. Let your hair naturally air dry like your favorite Hollywood-twins-turned-fashion-moguls to get their classic boho locks.

Invest in chic rain gear

Just because the weather is dreary, doesn’t mean your style needs to be, too. Ditch your high school North Face rain jacket that makes you look like you’re ready to hike the Appalachian Trail and check out fashion-forward, weather-ready pieces like the Uniqlo Block Tech Coat.

Download a more accurate weather app

The best way to battle crazy spring weather is to know what’s coming. Download Weather Bug, a more in-depth and accurate weather app than Apple’s Weather app. Weather Bug provides detailed hourly forecast, so you’ll be confident whether or not your 5 o’clock Reynolda trails run is the best choice.

Stay prepared

Doesn’t it always seem the days that you actually lug your umbrella around with you are the clearest, most beautiful days? Outsmart the storms by stashing a mini umbrella away in your backpack and car. Fingers crossed this trick will keep the rain at bay, but you’ll always be prepared just in case.

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