5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Asheville

Asheville, North Carolina is a city of about 90,000 people located in the Blue Ridge mountains. Known for its thriving art scene and extensive history, it has gained attention for its urban atmosphere with small-town appeal. Captivating photo-ops, interesting people, and charming Southern culture make Asheville the hidden gem of North Carolina.

1. The Art

Not all masterpieces are housed in the Met. Asheville is full of secret murals slapped onto the side of rundown buildings and hidden gem art galleries with funky modern works. With inspiration around every corner, it’s no wonder many artists migrate to Asheville and let their creative juices flow. Keep your eyes open when exploring the streets, as you might run into incredible works of art produced by up-and-coming artists.

2.  The Vintage

Asheville has plenty of stores that embrace the beauty of the stories behind rare findings. Discover Asheville’s love of history, whether it’s a wooden table from the Victorian era or a North Carolina license plate from the 1950s. For a vintage twist on costumes, Honeypot Vintage’s walls are filled with funky costume pieces and, are fully stocked with anything from wacky wigs to ornate costume jewelry.

3.  The Food

Whether it’s diverse cuisine from around the world or embracing Asheville’s location with Southern charm, Asheville has the best when it comes to restaurants. For authentic curry, reasonable prices, and a lively atmosphere, try Mela. And for those prefer southern classics like sweet potato pancakes and waffles, head over to Tupelo Honey Café and check out Asheville’s most popular brunch location. Finally, keep an eye out for Double D’s, a double decker bus that delivers an experience along with a cup of Joe.

4. The Street Scenes

On one corner of the street, a man expresses himself through colors and swirls and creates a masterpiece for passerbyers to see. Just feet away, two young boys with guitars almost as big as them, sport sunglasses and fedoras while recreating old classics. Asheville streets do not lack energy, creativity, or individualism.

5. The Atmosphere

Asheville praises the weird, embraces the grunge, and welcomes diversity. For hipsters, Asheville is the dream city, as it encourages unique ideas and finds beauty in quirkiness. For everyone else, Asheville combines art, history, culture and Southern charm to create an experience that no other city can deliver. Asheville brings out the dreamer in everyone.

Written by Katherine Grabowsky 

Edited by Julia Sawchak

Photos by Katherine Grabowsky


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