6 Fall to Winter Beauty Favorites

With sweaters, apple cider, and holiday music also comes harsh cold weather, dry skin, and longer nights. Here are my favorite products for keeping that glowy, soft summer look while embracing the holiday season. 

Photo credits: Emily Ann Betts + Ouai

Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm

This lip balm is with me at all times! It is by far the best lip balm I have ever used, and I consider myself an expert. While it does cost a little more than your average chapstick, it has ingredients like avocado, green tea leaves, and marula oils. Also, it has a really satisfying chunky design.

Ouai Leave-In Conditioner

I use this spray everytime I put heat on my hair, and sometimes I even use it as a detangler. This stuff will make your hair so incredibly soft and has the super yummy scent by Ouai called North Bondi. Your hair will feel like silk all winter long and will smell like you just left a luxury spa.

Photo credits: Hellogiggles.com + Sephora

Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream + Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi

This moisturizer pumps hydration into your skin like nothing else I have ever experienced. It smells like a tranquil garden and is packed with ingredients like Japanese purple rice and ginseng. To keep that dewy glow and look like you are the healthiest human alive, this is a must buy.

My secret weapon for looking bronzed and glowy all year long is D-Bronzi. You add a couple drops into your moisturizer right before you apply it, so no extra steps necessary! This stuff is literally liquid gold and leaves your skin looking like you just got back from Bora Bora even if you’ve been in the library all week. 

Photo credits: Instagram + Lush

Lush Oatfix Face Mask and Dream Cream

Lush is a great place to load up on moisturizing products. Lush never irritates my skin because of the high-quality natural ingredients, which is key during the colder months. Two of my favorites are the Oatfix face mask and the Dream Cream body lotion.

The Oatfix face mask actually smells and feels like cookie dough. It is really thick and rich with bananas, oats, and almonds. My face is so smooth after using this it’s unbelievable.

Dream Cream is a fan favorite from Lush because it never fails. The ingredients are all moisturizing stars like oat milk, lavender, chamomile, rose oil, and olive oil. If you only buy one body lotion for winter, make it this one.

Photo credits: Glossier + Into the Gloss

Glossier You Perfume

If you never want to stop getting hugs, this perfume is for you! It has a cozy musk with light florals, so it’s effortlessly inviting and very wearable. The best part is that the more you wear it, the more it warms up and mixes in with your own skin chemistry. It is also sophisticated smelling while still being flirty and fun, so it can transition from an internship interview to a holiday party. Get ready for everyone to tell you that you smell amazing.

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