Fun Stylish Winter Activities

Now while winter might be freezing cold, it welcomes opportunities for other fun events. And with the break upon us, there’s no better time than now to try these activities!

Take a Warm Hot Bath or visit the Hot Tubs

Relax at home with your favorite scents in a candle lit bath. It’s beautiful and soothing. While you’re at it, hit up your friends and get some face masks on for a spa night.

Candlelit bath (credit: Pinterest)

Get the Fireplace On and Cook Smores

Fireplaces are perfect for photo shooting and of course getting warm. To make it even sweeter, cook some smores next to the fireplace.

Smores and Fireplace (credit: Pinterest)

Snuggle with a Furry Animal

Snuggling with your pet is a perfect way to get warm and enjoy fluffiness or if you don’t have a pet, Christmas is the perfect time to think of adopting and adding a new furry pal to the family!

Snuggly puppy (credit:Pinterest)

DIY Gifts

Get craftsy to either decorate your house or make some personalized gifts for family and friends. One cute gift idea is to make a snow globe in the classic mason jar. And don’t forget a heartwarming card while you’re at it!

Snow Globe in Mason Jar (credit: Pinterest)

Baked Goods and Try a new recipe

Show off your cooking skills by baking these cute polar bear cookies or anything your heart desires.  Also, since the Christmas season is about giving, why not share your scrumptious recipe with others whether they be your neighbors or friends.

Adorable polar bear cookies (credit: Pinterest)


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