Why You Should Always Travel with a Polaroid Camera

Going to a new city or country can always be overwhelming with so many new sites to see, so much to do, so much food to try, etc. What can also be overwhelming is your camera roll after the vacation- 1,000s of new pictures, lots of which are multiples of the same shot and same scenery. It can take hours to look through all your photos and decide which ones are Instagram worthy.

Recently, I found a hack to this photo dilemma to be to bring my polaroid camera with me when I travel. I find this to be a great way to preserve a memory in a photo, without taking an excessive amount of pictures. Since film can be expensive and taking a digital photo takes a bit longer than it does when taking photos on your phone, I find myself only taking roughly 5-8  pictures a day. While this may not seem like that many photos, I think it is a perfect amount of pictures to remember the trip and the day’s main events and capture your outfit of the day. Additionally, it is almost impossible to take a bad Polaroid photo since the camera gives every photo a vintage look.

When I went to Europe a few summers ago on a three week trip, I brought my Polaroid with me and decided to take one picture a day. By the end of the trip I had 20 printed photos, which I put in a small photo album. Now, whenever I want to remember my trip, I can flip through the album and remember exactly what I did each day, just based on just the one Polaroid. It will be something I can keep for my whole life to always remind me of my first time in Europe.

Since Polaroids print out instantly, they also make it so easy to give away the picture as a gift to someone you meet to remember your time together. The people you meet on your travels are just as important to remember as the destination itself. And nothing makes someone happier than receiving a Polaroid picture of themselves with some new friends.

Additionally, since the photos are already printed, they can easily be hung up on your dorm wall, without taking the extra step of having to search through your camera roll to find the perfect assortment, sending them to CVS, and having to drive to pick them up (which is honestly the reason most of us never have photos on our wall, since who has time to print out photos).

Next time you travel, remember to bring along your Polaroid camera to help preserve your memories in a simpler form! There is something special about knowing that there is only one copy of the picture you took and that you will have the copy forever.

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