Anne-Kearns: Jewelry Designer and Entrepreneur in the Making

Wouldn’t all our fashion fantasies come true if we could magically customize our own perfect shoes, purses, clothes or jewelry? Well, Freshman Anne-Kearns Schipper has done just that. After admiring jewelry online that had a hefty price-tag, Anne-Kearns decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own jewelry line, Marlowe Designs. Anne-Kearns, my hall-mate and new favorite jeweler has created a trendy line of chokers, cuffs, and necklaces that will add a unique flare to any outfit.

 One of her most popular pieces–which I purchased instantly–is her Druzzy wrap piece. The Druzzy wrap is a gemstone attached to a long lasso. The Druzzy goes with any outfit because it can be worn as a choker (my personal fav), necklace, or cuff bracelet.

 Choker Style:


 Cuff Bracelet:


The first piece of jewelry Anne-Kearns ever created, which is also her personal favorite, is her initials necklace. This simple necklace adds a meaningful touch to any outfit and comes in gold and silver (Anne-Kearns’ metal of choice is always gold).



 Anne-Kearns is well on her way to starting her own jewelry business. Due to its handmade quality and personal design Marlowe Designs allows you to wear trendy and unique jewelry. Definitely worth checking out!

– Torrie Baldini

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