Arm Candy

Everyone has a signature whether you know it or not. Maybe you always sport a unique scarf or spunky socks that people identify you with.  Designers strive to develop a brand that has a unique and recognizable signature look. Call it my weakness or call it my addiction, but bracelets are my signature.



One bracelet is not merely enough to fulfill my passion for fashion and my need to accessorize. My philosophy is the more the merrier. I believe my addiction started with the girly childhood phenomenon of friendship bracelets, which evolved into a vast collection commemorating my travels.  A few years ago, I decided to start buying a bracelet or two for every trip I went on — partly because my t-shirt drawer was overflowing.  Friends caught onto my addiction and further fueled the fire by buying bracelets for me on their own excursions.  My wrists are draped with memories of the past, yet still have space for more in the future.


On average, about four bracelets are my go-to, but during the summertime I pile on the stacks sometimes all the way up to fifteen!  Maybe now you’re thinking I’m a little crazy, but think back to the childhood book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. The mouse wants a glass of milk with his cookie and a straw to drink the milk, which leads him to ask for a mirror to avoid the milk mustache. The book continues with similar sequences of events, but you’ve probably remembered the gist. I am the mouse in the sense that if I put one simple bracelet on, then I must put on a patterned or textured one and then another simple one and so forth with the frenzy. Combining the right amount of color and texture are the two basic elements that make bracelet stacking an art.



Generally I go with one color scheme and stick with bracelets in that same hue family. For example, if you want to wear blue bracelets, green and silver all go well together. Personally, turquoise is my go to jewelry color which looks perfect with gold and a tan during the summer!  If you are not keen on the idea of all one similar hues, go for the color.  Nothing looks better than neutral clothes with tons of colored bracelets.  Different shapes and sizes of beads and metals help reveal an individual’s sense of style to the outside world. Clusters of dainty bracelets are a perfect choice for a whimsical look, while bigger and chunkier bangles support an edgier look.



I believe that my relationship with bracelets has greatly evolved since the first friendship bracelet I made. Recently, I have tried to work on incorporating bigger bangles into my stacking. My advice to you is to layer them on because you can never have enough. Now that I’ve shared my signature look with you, take the risk by piling on the bracelets until they make your arm hurt! Whether you know what your signature is or not, who knows — maybe one day you could turn your signature into a brand or company.


– Mallory Burgess

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