Wake Forest Student Style: Bags

The Wake Forest Community is fluttering with all kinds of different styles. I am obsessed with all the new bags guys and girls have been carrying around. I love to keep two or three bags in my room and switch them out throughout the seasons. Bags are a unique representation of style here at Wake. We carry them every day—sometimes for hours on end—and they carry the most important items to us: our books, our money, our laptops and, of course, our phone.

   From day to day, backpacks to totes, there is no limit to the type of bags I see around campus. I am constantly begging my debit card to allow me just one more online purchase! So here, I present to you: The Bags of Wake Forest.

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Long Champ:

This classic, large tote can triple as a book bag, overnight bag, or weekender. Perfect for a laptop and a few books, the long straps on this styling purchase make the weight of all those heavy biology notes evenly distributed. The best thing about this bag—it comes in so many colors! Rarely will you see someone in your class with the exact same one. ($145)

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MZ Wallace:

Similar to the Long Champ, this quilted bag comes in two different sizes. Both fit a laptop and textbook comfortably. The MZ Wallace is a little more upscale in the style and look. I love this brand, and they make a backpack in a similar style! My favorite part about the MZ Wallace Tote, is that the patterns and colors are unique. Never will you find a bag with these creative styles. ($225)

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The “transport tote” by Madewell is lightweight. The color makes it easy to match with any outfit, and shows off a personal style like no other. This bag is simple, yet sophisticated. ($168)

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North Face “Borealis” Backpack:

Ah, the classic North Face Backpack. Though this backpack is very well represented all over campus, each person adds their own flare to it. The black (or other solid color) back drop leaves the perfect canvas to show off personality. Some choose pins, others go with ribbons, and lanyards. Either way, this backpack is both functional and stylish! ($89)

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Hershel “Heritage” Backpack:

This distinctively modest backpack offers a sense of simple, modern style. Though it appears small from to the outsider, this backpack fits everything you need (plus everything I carry that I really don’t need). I love the different colors and combinations this bag offers! At a low price, this backpack endures years of heavy books, and long car rides. ($39.99)

– Caroline

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