Beauty Blogger Spotlight: Ashley Laughlin of The Bookworm Beauty

Meet Wake Forest’s own Ashley Laughlin (‘17), curator of The Bookworm Beauty, a blog that inspires glam girls and nerd girls alike.  This will be your new go-to blog if you need high-end and drugstore recommendations and also want reviews on some of the best beauty products. My favorite thing about her blog is that beginners and experts can drop in and learn something new.

Ashley is a senior at Wake Forest studying English, French, and Creative Writing.  Get to know brilliance behind The Bookworm Beauty:

all photos by Phillip Yurchenko

1. How did you get into blogging?

I made a blog about my favorite books on a whim a few summers back, but I wasn’t very dedicated to posting. I’ve always loved makeup, but I became really obsessed with it a couple of years ago. I grew up doing theater, and I realized what I missed most about performing wasn’t being onstage, but rather doing my makeup backstage. I was looking for an outlet for my love of makeup, and I decided that revamping my blog to incorporate books and beauty was a great way to express myself creatively.

2.  I love how your blog is a hybrid of books and beauty…hence the name “The Bookworm Beauty.”  How did you come up with this idea to combine both?

While the combination of books and makeup is a niche category, it seemed a natural fit for me. Makeup and books both inspire me, but I think society in general, and media especially, encourages the idea that you either love cosmetics or literature, not both. I like the idea of going against that stereotype, so I decided that it would be a great angle for my blog.

3.  Where do you see your blog going in the future?

I honestly have no idea! Mostly, I just hope that it will keep growing because I find it so fun and gratifying. I would like to collaborate with my favorite makeup companies on my blog, and I want my blog to reach more people. In the long run, I see myself working for a cosmetics company, and my blog might help me make the transition into the industry.

4.  What’s your can’t-live-without beauty product?

Concealer, specifically the Tarte Shape Tape concealer.

5.  Who is your favorite YouTube beauty vlogger?


6. Who is your beauty (or brand) inspiration?

I have so many inspirations, from Jaclyn Hill to Audrey Hepburn to Marie Antoinette! I couldn’t pick just one.

7.  What are you doing when you’re not creating with makeup?

Reading, writing, or shopping for more makeup.

8.  What’s your favorite beauty trend right now?

I love the highlighting trend. Seriously, where has it been all my life? I am all for a super-metallic, bold highlight, but sometimes I like a more subtle glow. I hope highlighting is here to stay!

9.  What’s one trend you wish would go away?

False eyelashes. They photograph beautifully, but in real life they’re uncomfortable, and they look ridiculous on me.


Follow The Bookworm Beauty here, and be sure to follow Ashley’s Instagram, @ashcake13


Photo credits: Phillip Yurchenko @philtography1


-Alex Dean

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