The Best of Both Beauty Worlds: YouTube & Brand Collaborations

It’s no secret that the make-up industry is growing rapidly. With the release of Kylie Cosmetics and the birth of new make-up trends for the summer, people are more intrigued by the industry than ever before, and one of the ways people are learning about make up, its application, and the best products of the moment is through YouTube tutorials.

If you’re anything like me—a wannabe beauty guru—then you can’t help but notice the YouTube personalities changing the beauty industry through their collaborations with large cosmetic companies.  If you’re not someone that stays in front on the computer waiting for your favorite beauty vloggers to upload a new video, then pull up a chair and log on because you’re missing out.

I’m talking about Jaclyn Hill, Manny MUA, Bunny Meyer from Grav3yardgirl and Laura Lee, among others.  These four stars have partnered with some of the best beauty brands in the industry to develop custom products they know their followers will love.


  1. BECCA Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow Collection

Popular beauty blogger and makeup artist Jaclyn Hill, known for her spunky personality and blinding cheek highlight, recently collaborated with Becca Cosmetics to give the beauty world what we never knew we needed–a highlighter that falls comfortably in the middle of blinding sheen and healthy glow.  You probably remember her original Champagne Pop highlighter, but she’s been even busier within the last month launching the whole Champagne Collection.

The star of the collection—the face palette ($52)—includes three universally flattering blush shades, the Champagne Pop highlighter, and a new highlighter shade called “Prosecco Pop.”  Every YouTuber has raved about the elegant packaging and convenient mirror.

Unfortunately, the Champagne Collection Eye Palette was the center of a recent controversy.  Customers reported that the formulas were flawed due to rushed manufacturing.  Jaclyn owned up to the mistake on Snapchat and her channel, and the products were discontinued—for now.


Some of Becca's products.

Some of Becca’s products.

  1. OFRA x Manny MUA

 MannyMUA, one of YouTube’s most loved beauty boys, teamed up with OFRA Cosmetics for his own Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick shades.  OFRA is responsible for the long-lasting formula, but Manny is responsible for the to-die-for shades.  His three customized hues—Hypno, Charmed, and Aries—are sold individually ($19.90) or as a set of three ($49.70).

All three shades are tasteful and wearable, remaining within the pink, nude, and mauve color families.  “Aires” is a subtle pink-nude shade ideally suited for a downplayed lip. “Charmed” is a shade deeper; the mauve tone is universally flattering.  The third color option—“Hypno”—is the deepest of the bunch.  Manny describes this customized shade as a mix between brown, purple, and red.

This collaboration is the perfect excuse to jump on the liquid-lipstick bandwagon for that stay-all-day wear.


Neutral lipsticks never go out of style!

Neutral lipsticks never go out of style!


  1. Tarte Cosmetics x Grav3YardGirl Swamp Queen Palette ($45)

Bunny Myer’s “Swamp Family” (her seven million+ subscribers) is drawn to her imaginative, rule-breaking style.  She isn’t your typical glam queen, but more of a (dare I say) weird YouTube personality: she will try things our other favorites won’t. For example, pizza highlighter and Alice in Wonderland shoes.

Her vegan-friendly collaboration with Tarte gave us the Swamp Queen eye and cheek palette.  With nine shadows, a shadow brush, a blush, bronzer, and highlighter, this is all you need for your morning routine.  The shades are in the pink, purple and brown families with an appropriate mix of matte and shimmer finishes.


Tarte cosmetics are affordable, chic, and glamorous.

Tarte cosmetics are affordable, chic, and glamorous.

  1. Violet Voss x Laura Lee

 YouTube lovers know this guru for her thick Alabama accent and bold winged eyeliner, but what I can’t get over is how her new custom Violet Voss eye shadow palette ($45). The product has 20 shade choices in an array of warm and cool colors.  This Southern girl stayed true to her roots with color names such as “Britches,” “Alabama,” and “Fried.”  Check out her YouTube channel for some tasteful sass and tutorials using her new palette.


These colors from Laura Lee's line never disappoint.

These colors from Laura Lee’s line never disappoint.

Check out some of these wonderful products and the creators’ YouTube channels. You will not be disappointed!

-Alex Dean

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