Best Book Recommendations for Your Spring Break

Spring Break is only two weeks away, and if you are like me, some r&r is definitely needed. Whether you will be tanning poolside, traveling to Europe, or just chilling at home with your family, escapism into novels is always a good way to relax and unwind from a hectic semester.

Here are three of my favorite book recommendations for your Spring Break:

Where the Crawdads Sing, Delia Owens

#1 New York Times Bestseller, this coming-of-age story follows the life of a young woman known to her small North Carolina town as the “Marsh Girl.” Plagued by rumors and ostracized by her community, Kya Clark, the so-called “Marsh Girl”, has survived on her own in the wild since the age of 12 when her family abandoned her. When the golden boy of the town, Chase Andrews, is found dead, all eyes immediately suspect the mysterious “Marsh Girl”. This beautiful coming of-age story is a tale of love, murder, and the powers of prejudice. An ode to the marshes of North Carolina, this novel explores both the mysteries of our natural world and of the human spirit.   

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The Unremembered Girl, Eliza Maxwell

In the rural land of East Texas, a bootlegger named Henry lives with his sick mother and his fanatic grassroots minister stepfather. This deceivingly traditional family soon becomes the obsession of a feral woman, Eve, who is found living in the woods. After Henry’s family takes in this lost and broken woman, it becomes clear that Eve’s past is more than just a life of solidarity and abandonment. Henry forms a bond with Eve and a desire to protect and support her. But when actions of Eve’s past threaten Henry and his family, he must choose: put the family he loves at risk or allow this enigmatic woman to slip back into the dangers of her past?

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The French Girl, Lexie Elliott

This psychological suspense novel follows the lives of six Oxford University students who decide to spend a vacation together in a French farmhouse. After meeting a mysterious French girl named Severine, they believe their weekend will turn out to be full of adventure. But after a huge altercation the last night of their vacation, in which Severine goes missing, their lives are altered for forever. 10 years later, the case is reopened when Severine’s body is found behind the farmhouse. Memories of the event and night haunt the students, each unsure of what to believe, who to trust and what really happened that night in the farmhouse. A story of suspense and deception, this novel will have you questioning every fact until the last page.

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