Best Brunch Places in Winston-Salem

After living in Winston-Salem for over a year, I have definitely tried quite a few great restaurants when I get sick of the on-campus food at Wake. And as a college student, I have definitely scoped out the best places to feed my caffeine addiction. With my combined love of food and coffee, these are the best places I’ve found for brunch options downtown.  


If you haven’t heard of Krankies, you need to. They definitely have the best array of coffee choices in most brunch places I’ve seen (from a normal latte to affogato). I love their brunch menu. My fave is their eggs benedict. It’s amazing. But they also have toasts (avocado and french, of course).

Photo courtesy of @krankiescafe on Instagram

Famous Toastery

They literally have everything, from pancakes to waffles, to eggs and bacon. Famous Toastery has such a nice homey vibe to inside it as well (very nice for a homesick college student). I love their waffles and pancakes with some bacon on the side. They definitely have the most breakfast/brunch options out of the 3 places. So if you want to go get a traditional breakfast/brunch fix, Famous Toastery is the way to go.

Camino Bakery

If you haven’t heard of Camino’s Bakery, do you really go to Wake? This is more like a coffee shop, but you can definitely still come here for brunch. They have a million pastry options that are all amazing, I like their pumpkin bread especially during the fall season. It’s a great place to study while you get your caffeine fix. My personal fave on the menu is the Cinnamon Toast Latte.

Photo courtesy of Mary Sills

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