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The Flight of the Creative Director

If you aren’t suffering major anxiety from the departure of multiple masterminds from their given fashion houses, then play this Rimsky-Kosakov classic to get your heart rate racing. Recently, some of the most acclaimed and influential fashion houses have lost their Creative Directors. Where are they going? Why are they leaving? What can we do

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Insta Crush Interview with @Copylab

If you follow my articles, you are aware of my love for Instagram, Adobe Photoshop, high fashion, and art. If you know me personally, you know it is more of an obsession worthy of My Strange Addiction. Accordingly, when I discovered @copylab on Instagram, I immediately followed and fell in love. @Copylab posts photos of

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Lady in the Street But So Chic at the Desk: How to Modernize Hillary’s Classic Pantsuit

Image from here. With the upcoming year ahead, Hillary Clinton’s style falls rather short on voter’s minds. And there’s no wonder; with everything that’s going on in her life, campaigning for the 2016 democratic presidential nomination for example, most people could care less about her pretty pantsuits. Nonetheless, her choice of outfit may say more

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