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The Forest Folk: A Spotlight on WFU’s Campus Street-style Blog

                  Upon arriving at Wake Forest’s campus, the first thing you might notice is our beautiful buildings or perfectly manicured lawns. You might even spend a moment admiring Wait Chapel, listening to the Carillion toll. After that, you move to looking at the students. While WFU is known for being one of the best looking

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Insta Crush Interview with @Copylab

If you follow my articles, you are aware of my love for Instagram, Adobe Photoshop, high fashion, and art. If you know me personally, you know it is more of an obsession worthy of My Strange Addiction. Accordingly, when I discovered @copylab on Instagram, I immediately followed and fell in love. @Copylab posts photos of

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Master Manipulator: CharlotteSaidPhotos

Hypnotizing color manipulations, playful compositions, and captivating landscapes–these are just a few elements that make up the ever adventurous and clever photography style of Charlotte Said ( Although her blog was created only 3 years ago, Charlotte’s intriguing perspective on nature and architecture in her images is entirely unique. Her reimagining of common scenes creates

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