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The Forest Folk: A Spotlight on WFU’s Campus Street-style Blog

                  Upon arriving at Wake Forest’s campus, the first thing you might notice is our beautiful buildings or perfectly manicured lawns. You might even spend a moment admiring Wait Chapel, listening to the Carillion toll. After that, you move to looking at the students. While WFU is known for being one of the best looking

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Urban Fashion Appreciation: H&M x Alexander Wang Collection

Since high school, I’ve been a fan of the Hennes and Mauritz company (colloquially known as H&M). Their clothes are affordable, stylish, and have helped me explore the basics of the fashion world. H&M’s styles tailor to men, women, and even children, and the brand has almost become a household name in the industry.  Yet,

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The Wicker Park Fest, this past weekend, may have been one of the coolest festivals I have attended since being in Chicago. There was everything from food, fashion vendors, live music, and some incredibly hip Wicker Park locals. This area of Chicago is known for its funky and extremely unique sense of style. (Trust me,

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