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Wake Up Sleepyhead

Do you ever get up in the morning and notice that your hair decides to have a bad day even before you do? It’s flat, it’s frizzy, and it’s making you wish there was such thing as hair insurance. Well, what if you could fight back with a secret weapon? What if you no longer

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WFUStyle Launch Party

Come walk the red carpet and shop at local boutiques in the mag room on Friday, November 1 from 6-7:30! Tickets are only $5 and will be sold outside the pit from 11-1 on friday, monday and tuesday! No tickets will be sold at the door!

Can Generic be Authentic?

Finding my voice through writing can be pretty difficult, especially without a resume or profession to back up my every word, but writing is something I can call my own. Sure, it can be carved and molded and pieced together into the style of paper that a professor is looking for or, if you’re luckier than

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