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CUFFED by nano Around the World

Nano with some of the Haitian school kids that are helped through the #buyonegivetwo mission (donning their new bling!) Not sure what I love more: the mouthwatering gelato, stunning Duomo, or super cute ‘XO’ ring! Barcelona besos are the best besos. ‘EAT PRAY HUSTLE’ and ‘ROSÉ ALL DAY’ featuring the one and only, Gusta Pizza.

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Three Things a Trip to Gucci Gardens Taught

Being abroad this semester in Florence, I am constantly exposed to fancy, cobblestone roads lined with high fashion boutiques and creative street style. Specifically, as Florence is home to Gucci’s headquarters, I was able to take a trip to Gucci’s renowned museum, dedicated to exhibits that showcase GG printed clothing and accessories. Coming off of

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