Channeling Our Inner Blair Waldorf and Wearing Headbands IRL

While I was binge-watching Gossip Girl for about the 100th time this past winter break, I began to appreciate how timeless and classic Blair and Serena’s outfits are.

One of the many reasons I love Gossip Girl is for the fashion and the style of these two stars of arguably the most popular teenage girl show.

The costume designer on this show was amazing in every aspect, but today we are going to focus on the character’s headwear, specifically Blair’s headbands.

Image from DailyMail

I remember wearing headbands in elementary school and didn’t even think twice about wearing headbands past the age of 10. But Blair Waldorf and one of my favorite bloggers, Amelia Liana, show us how headbands are for women of all ages.

Blair continuously shows us scarves as headbands and classic satin variations, but I am here to show you a real woman wearing the most beautiful headband and how we can take inspo from the best headband wearer, Blair, and make them match all of our styles in the most grownup and sophisticated way.


image from Bustle

image from Glamour

Just like B, Amelia Liana wears headbands that adds an accent to her most trendy outfits.  Liana shows us that headbands aren’t just for Cochella, working out or for brides, but rather for the everyday girl.

Photo from

Ya see, a real girl can wear headbands just like Blair and channel her inner Gossip Girl.

I found beautiful options that we can rock around campus. (Honestly, it was difficult to find beautiful and mature looking headbands that weren’t bridal and weren’t over $100).

Save: ASOS, Anthropology, Shopbob, Nordstrom, Anthropology #2

Splurge: Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu, Moda Operandi

Let’s give our jewelry boxes a rest and add some flare to our outfits with some headbands!


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