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I learned about Julia Chinman, and JC Denim, through one of my best friends and fellow WFU Style member, Kathleen Burns. Kath knows how much I adore two things in particular: (1) JEANS, and (2) stars! So, JC Denim and I were going to be a match made in heaven from the start. Unfortunately, when Kath told me about the uber-cool, re-vamped denim line, Julia was studying abroad. By the time I finally got in contact with Julia about getting my own original pair, my patience was dwindling; but, MAN, they were definitely worth the wait. Through just a few easy conversations, I’ve got myself some shockingly affordable, seriously flattering, expertly distressed, vintage Levi’s tricked out with a few of my favorite things — stars!

The process to getting yourself a pair of these jeans is super simple and well worth the time. All you have to do is direct message Julia’s account for JC Denim (@jc.denim) requesting a pair of jeans (or shorts)! Then, Julia will get back to you with questions about style, size, distressing, etc. For me, I basically gave her the free will to do what she wanted and they turned out amazing! But, if you want something more specific, the JC Denim instagram account highlights all the different styles and designs that you can choose! The instagram not only highlights Julia’s amazing denim, but it also boasts some seriously aesthetic vibes. So, if you are just looking for a good scroll through insta, then it’s a wonderful place to go. But, enough from me, Julia kindly agreed to answer some questions about herself, her style and JC Denim for all our lovely WFU Style readers and members!

Name: Julia

Age: 21

Hometown: Wayland, MA

School: Bucknell University

Style Icon: Danielle Bernstein

One word to describe your style: Classic

One word to describe yourself: Creative

If you could live anywhere… Milan

Favorite Brand/Store/Designer: for love and lemons/revolve/reformation

Article of clothing you can’t live without: Jeans

Accessory you can’t live without: Bag

What’s in your bag right now: wallet, keys, water bottle, gum, lip gloss, chips

Go-To Coffee Order: Caramel Iced Coffee with Almond Milk

Dream Job: Buyer for Revolve

What is JC Denim?  

JC Denim is a custom denim brand that takes vintage jeans and re vamps them! All sales are run through Instagram, so it is a very hands on brand.

How did you decide to start JC Denim?

           I started it by making myself a fun pair of jeans that my friends all loved and asked for a pair, I started to make more and sell them! That’s when I started the Instagram store.

What is the re-vamped denim process? What are the steps from initial interest from a customer to shipping a finished product?

           I ask the customer as many questions as possible, their size, the wash they want, the exact fit and rise… I send photos of the blank jeans until they see the ones they want. I then cut the hem to their exact height and add any rips or distressing that they would like. The stars are hand painted on last. Takes 1-3 days to have them ready to be shipped!
What does the perfect pair of jeans look like to you?

           A light medium wash, high rise, straight leg, distressed raw hem.

Describe one way in which you would style a pair of JC Denim jeans.

           Depending on the pair, I usually just style them like any other jeans, but with the stars adding a little something more interesting. I love wearing them with a graphic tee and vans!

What’s your favorite part about seeing people in your product?

           I love seeing people happy in my jeans! It feels amazing knowing people are wearing and loving something I made!

Where would you like to see JC Denim go in the future?

           I would love to see it continue to grow both as a brand but the community of girls like me it has created on Instagram! I’ll continue doing it as long as I can.

Alright everyone! Hopefully I’ve given you enough inspiration and encouragement to go get yourself a pair of jeans from Julia! They are SERIOUSLY worth every penny.

Written by McGee Bosworth

Photos courtesy of JC Denim Instagram

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