Cold Feet: How to Style Your Summer Wardrobe for the Fall Season

With the Winston-Salem temperature quickly dropping and Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s pretty safe to say that the fall season is in full swing. Now, I’m all about carving pumpkins and breaking out the comfy sweaters, but if you’re like me, then it pains you a little bit to have to pack away your crop tops and dresses. In order to combat this unfortunate circumstance, I’ve been making more of an effort to style my favorite summer pieces into fall-friendly outfits. From strategic layering, to seasonal color coordinating, here’s a few of my go-to tricks for keeping that summer wardrobe alive.

Double the Denim Over Your Summer Crop Tops

Photo: @emilyfroehlich

Crop tops are a wardrobe staple for me, so when it starts to get cold, I desperately try to think of new, practical outfits that I can coordinate to keep them around. One of my favorite looks is the iconic “Canadian Tuxedo”. Denim never goes out of style, and with 80s and 90s fashion in full comeback mode, you can easily (and stylishly) opt for a matching denim set to compliment even the brightest of your summer crop tops.

Layer Tights Under Your Favorite Mini Skirt

Photo: @lisvinc

Making a mini-skirt fall-ready by adding some tights (sheer or opaque) is a quick and easy approach. It adds another layer to your look to maintain some warmth, and it ties the outfit together for just the right amount of Blair Waldorf class.

Add a Pop of Classic Fall Color


Adding a conventional fall shade, like teal / green or red / orange, to any outfit is sure to push it into an autumnal vibe. Even if it’s well after Labor Day, I like to keep my white pieces handy for a clean and crisp look. However, if a pure “winter white” outfit isn’t in your comfort zone, adding a pop of color, like the teal jacket pictured above, creates a casual, seasonal look.

Add Edge to Your Summer Dress with a Leather Jacket

Photo: @luciethegirl

I’d love to wear my favorite summer dress to class in late October, but the cami straps just don’t do enough to keep me warm in the always-chilly classrooms of Greene. If you’re like me and your favorite flowy dress can’t withstand this weather on its own, layer on a leather jacket! The bulk and texture add the perfect amount of style to keep you looking festive and *edgy* in this post-Halloween season, and it’s a quick fix for when you need a lazy day and just want to throw on a dress.

Overall, no matter the color, print, or style, you can almost always carry your pieces from season to season if you LAYER, LAYER, LAYER!

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