Cold Weather Wear: Splurge vs. Save Edition

With temperatures near freezing, it is easy to sacrifice style for warmth and end up looking like a marshmallow. However, fashion and utility can finally be synonymous with one another.

Puffer Coat

The basic of any winter wardrobe is a puffer coat to keep you bundled up amidst frigid temps. Avoid looking shapeless and drab by choosing a coat in a classic color with fur to add a fashionable detail.

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Statement Coat

Although a simple puffer coat will get you by day-to-day, at night a statement coat can transform your look. Animal print is everywhere this season, making a look trendy, not tacky. Splurge and make a statement with a completely faux-fur piece that has an eye-catching print.

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Snow Boots

Instead of layering on pairs of warm socks, get a pair of snow boots that will be your “go-to” this season. Shockingly, it appears that Uggs have made a comeback. With new fashionable styles that don’t comprise warmth, Uggs have updated the classic worn out boots we all had in middle school.

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Bauble Hat

The best way to add style to your winter uniform is with cold weather accessories. Oversized baubles and bright-colored knits update the classic winter hat to make a statement. To save, ditch the cashmere hat and opt for earmuffs which provide extra style, but also keep your ears warm.

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Oversized Scarf

The perfect outerwear look is all about balance. Match your statement hat with an oversized scarf in a complementing color. Splurging on a quality cashmere scarf is a versatile wardrobe staple that will last. If you like mix and match, choose a more affordable option.

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Stuffing your hands in your pockets simply doesn’t cut it in Winter. The key to finding the warmest gloves is the lining. Leather and suede gloves provide the best solution, but don’t forget to also check out cashmere or silk-lined gloves. Tip: leave your gloves in your coat pockets so you never lose them.

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Stay warm this winter,

xx Jordan

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