CUFFED by nano Around the World

Nano with some of the Haitian school kids that are helped through the #buyonegivetwo mission

(donning their new bling!)

Not sure what I love more: the mouthwatering gelato, stunning Duomo, or super cute ‘XO’ ring!

Barcelona besos are the best besos.

‘EAT PRAY HUSTLE’ and ‘ROSÉ ALL DAY’ featuring the one and only, Gusta Pizza.

Blue skies and sunshine in Florence, Italy!

“IITYWIMYHTBMAD” Black Matte Cuff in Hyde Park (Because who doesn’t want a free coffee?!)

The “Dangle Choker” and “Custom Babe Necklace” for an evening in Los Angeles!

Tea in Scotland with the “Love You Like XΩ” Gold Cuff ♡

No such thing as too many CUFFED pieces…

“IITYWIMYHTBMAD” Black Matte Cuff + “Initial Lariat” + “Custom Disco Choker”

Last but not least, Cuffed in Florida on the day of Nano’s wedding!

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