Why We *Love* CycleBar and Advice from Charlotte Bristow, WFU Student and Instructor!

As a first time rider, I was incredibly nervous. I’m not super athletic and when I do go to the gym, it’s just a 30 minute cardio session, followed by either some indoor rock climbing or light lifting. I had this image in my mind that everyone would be in perfect shape, not breaking a sweat in the studio, and I’d be left to figure everything out on my own when I got there.

I could not have been more wrong.

Simply put: CycleBar makes spinning less intimidating. I felt encouraged and challenged by the instructors, not embarrassed because I was already hyperventilating 10 minutes in. CycleBar Winston-Salem has grown tremendously over the few months it has been open (which you can measure by the number of red “CycleBar” water bottles in your classes), and it only keeps growing!

In order to give you the full scoop on an awesome new workout regimen, experienced rider Jordan Campbell and I sat down with Wake Forest student and CycleBar instructor, Charlotte Bristow, to give you tips on how to “rock your ride” the next time you get on the bike! (Keep reading, we have a little reward for you at the bottom!)

When and how did you get into spin?

I got into spinning when a major studio opened in Raleigh (my hometown) and I started going with my dad. I love the environment of group fitness, especially the energy and sense of community it generates. I was so thrilled when a studio opened in Winston and immediately knew that I wanted to be a part of it in some capacity.

How do you feel when you hop on to the instructor’s bike at the front of the class?

In the beginning it was a bit intimidating, but now it feels natural and just completely fun. I draw so much energy and positivity from the music and the riders that it could never feel like work. It’s the best part of my day!

What motivates you to get in the studio on a hard day?

I’m motivated by the idea that I could positively impact someone’s day with an upbeat ride that shows them just how strong and capable they are. It is such a gratifying experience to see people walk out of the room with a huge smile on their face or when they tell me it was their best ride yet. I’m constantly inspired by those who ride in my classes–their hard work and willingness to challenge themselves–and I love getting to cheer them on the whole way!

Of all the spin studios to work at, why did you choose CycleBar?

Well, aside from it being the only one in Winston Salem, CycleBar is unique in its commitment to bettering the community.  The entire CycleBar staff, particularly the owner Dixon Douglas, is passionate about service and eager to continue partnering with local charities and organizations to raise money in support of various causes. Giving back is at the heart of what we do at CycleBar and we aim to do it in more ways than one.

What advice would you recommend to students trying out a spin class at CycleBar for the first time? (how/when to hydrate, what to wear, what to expect your first time spinning etc)

I would recommend to first-timers to arrive 15 minutes early so they can get set up properly on the bike and have time to get comfortable with the feeling of being clipped in.  I find leggings to be the most comfortable thing to wear on the bike, but anything goes! I would just avoid loose pants so they don’t get caught in the pedals. We provide the shoes, water, a towel–all you gotta do is show up!

What can students expect in a typical ride of yours? (ex. Intervals, arms, music playlists)

Riders can expect a high-energy, fast paced ride, with a pretty even balance of intervals and choreography.  My hope is that my rides will challenge you to push yourself outside your comfort zone and that you walk out feeling strong, confident, and accomplished.

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