Dab On ‘Em (in Versace Pants) – The Carolina Panther’s Real MVP

In case you have some how have managed to avoid any and all Super Bowl 50 coverage, last night the Carolina Panthers took on the Denver Broncos in Santa Clara, CA. Beyoncé and Coldplay put on an incredible halftime show, and Bey announced her new album, Formation, and upcoming world tour (watch the video here).

Unfortunately, the Panthers fell to the Broncos 10 – 24 in their second Super Bowl appearance. Despite yesterday’s loss, Carolina had an overall incredible season, coming out 17 – 2. Their success can be credited to amazing players like sexy #59, Luke Kuechly, Blindside star #73, Michael Oher, and cornerback #24, Josh Norman. 

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The biggest superstar of this season’s team is the Panthers’ 26-year-old quarterback, Cam Newton, #1. Newton, recently named the NFL’s Most Value Player, is known for his incredible athletic talents and huge heart. In season, the quarterback made 26 touchdowns and completed 636 rushing yards. (Don’t worry. I don’t know what that means either. It just sounds impressive.) Cam also sparked a nationwide Dabbin’ craze and has collected over $250,000 in fines for giving away every touchdown ball to a young Panthers fan in the stands.

However, I’d like to challenge everything said by the National Football League. The true MVP of the league is not Cam Newton, but his daring style. His confidence and individuality define his personal style. Newton isn’t afraid to wear something untraditional and loud, and always does it with grace and fierceness. How often do you see the Manning brothers rocking Givenchy sweatshirts and launching their own clothing lines? (I’m guessing never…)

“Cam’s style is a lot like his style of play,” Mark Anthony Green told ESPN.com. “I know that seems a little cliché, but it really, really is. It’s brash. It’s a little peacocky. It’s boastful, especially when he does his very preppy Southern thing as a Southern guy. But for the most part it’s pretty good. Everything fits good. He wears a suit better than any football player in the league.”

Choosing just five Cam Newton looks for this article was extremely difficult, but here are a few of my favorites, proving fashion is no longer just for the NBA.

Santa Clara Arrival, February 1, 2016


Picture from www.people.com

Cam Newton is never one for subtly and that is clearly displayed by his Versace pants. For his arrival at the Super Bowl 50, Newton paired the zebra print pants with a black sweater and leather hoodie – a flamboyant look versus the usual attire of famed quarterbacks.

New York Mixed Monochrome, December 20, 2015


Picture from www.upscalehype.com

In a perfectly coordinating outfit, Newton unloads in New York for game day against the NY Giants. The quarterback rocks a monochrome look with his navy cashmere sweater and shiny navy trousers. He shows off his playful personality with his fur pompom on his navy blue duffle and Giuseppe Zanotti glitter and mesh smoking slippers.

Press Conference Casual, November 22, 2015


Picture from www.twitter.com

After defeating the Washington Redskins 44 – 16, Cam showed the country his up-to-date fashion knowledge with his denim-on-denim look along with his Christian Louboutin high top fashion sneakers. The quarterback wore a brown denim jacket with a long white tee (a WFU Style team favorite) on the top, and $1,325 Balmain moto jeans on bottom. The most daring part of Newton’s look is the foxtail.

Gold Louboutin Loafers, Summer 2015


Pictures from www.charlottemagazine.com

Newton hosted his second annual KIDS ROCK! Gala this past summer. While his foundation’s gala showed the kindness in his heart, Cam’s gold spiked Louboutin loafers showed his daring sense of style. Newton told Charlotte Magazine, “I was thinking I need some shoes that’s really gonna kick my outfit off and those were the shoes. Gold goes with everything. There aren’t many times you get to wear gold loafers.”

Rule Breaking, January 3, 2015


Picture from www.usatoday.com

Made evident by his quarter of a million dollars in fines, Cam Newton does not mind breaking the rules. He gave his stance on fashion’s highly debated “Blavy” conflict by pairing a black and navy velvet blazer with black tuxedo pants. Newton sharply accessorized, with a lapel rosette and a black silk pocket square. He is also seen wearing velvet smoking slippers – a signature look of the Panthers quarterback.

Dab on ‘em ‘thers!

– GW

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