DIY Denim: Fringe Jeans

Fringe jeans are a 2017 trend that won’t be going away in 2018.

These jeans are everywhere and come in a variety of styes:

Example 1, 2, 3

Over my month-long winter break, my sister and I decided to try to make some fringe jeans ourselves, as they often come at prices well over $100. She opted to revamp an old pair of jeans, and I made mine out of these jeans. We loved our results…

Adding fringe to the jeans was pretty easy but time-consuming. We started by cutting off two inches from the bottom of the pants to make them more cropped.

Then, we drew (with chalk) a line two inches up from there and cut even strips around the leg that we would then use to create the fringe. From each strip, we pulled away the individual strands of fabric, starting where we made our cut and finishing at the chalk lines. We sometimes used a sewing pin to untangle fringe when needed.

After a few hours of doing this while binge-watching our favorite shows, we were done!

I hope you liked this cost-effective hack to a new pair of fringe jeans!

-Mary Anne

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