#DoingThings or #DoingThings with Outdoor Voices

If you are following today’s blogger scene and the overall ~industry~, or even just go to school with a bunch of fashion-conscious fit people then you have probably have heard the name Outdoor Voices. If you haven’t, then please let us introduce you to your new best friend and go-to brand.

Outdoor Voices is a recreational wear brand that approaches being active with an open mindset. Whether you’re a hardcore gymrat, a lowkey jogger, or a Netflix marathoner, Outdoor Voices is the perfect choice. OV offers a line of stylish and comfortable clothing ideal for whatever you are into. The brand is about #DoingThings, but without the pressure of having to meet certain standards. This means Outdoor Voices is great for college students trying to stay active while balancing their school work and social lives.

We didn’t think we could love OV more than we already did, but then it launched the OV University program. OV University is made specifically for college students who want to stay active and stylish on a budget. The program features a selection of men and women OV essentials at a 30% discount for all college students if they sign up with a .edu email.

We love Outdoor Voices because it is so versatile for #DoingThings, while also being comfortable and fashion-forward. However, we often wonder what constitutes as #DoingThings in OV’s book …

So are we #DoingThings or are we #DoingThings?

Gracie: I would definitely say with no shame that I am #DoingThings in my Outdoor Voices- at least 75% of the time. It is not rare for me to roll out of bed 30 minutes before class and throw on a pair of ¾ Warmup Legging and a matching Athena Crop.

Babs: Yeah, I also wear OV for #DoingThings. I really like to throw on my ⅞ Springs Legging with my favorite Everlane sweater for class because it’s chic and low-maintenance. But, what I really love is that I can transition that same outfit, without having to drive home, by switching tops so I can be #DoingThings.

Gracie: That’s one of my favorite things about all of the OV pieces I own. I can go from lying on the couch watching The Crown to doing a sweaty crossfit class without changing.

Babs: OMG the best is that the leggings are perfect for IMs! We play soccer on a turf field and I’m always worried about my clothes getting ripped because I’m a clutz. This season I got to relive my glory days of being the eighth-grade soccer goalie, so what I lack in height and skill I have to make up for by diving to save goals. In our championship game, I was all over the turf, sliding everywhere, and my leggings never ripped. This was the first time I didn’t get turf burn! OV leggings are truly a miracle.

Gracie: Okay, well I am not #DoingThings to that extent. However, OV is always my faithful companion on my 10+ mile hikes with Seth in Jackson Hole. I usually have a problem with my pants slipping down and chafing from bad seams. With OV, I have none of that. I also love all the colors offered! No more overheating in black under the summer sun!

Babs: To be honest I sometimes wear my Slashback Crop out to LR on Thursdays. It’s great because I get a ton of compliments and everything stays in place when I’m trying to look coordinated on the dance floor.

Gracie: Oh, you are not alone Babs! Probably my favorite example of #DoingThings is when my mom showed up to Parents Weekend for the tailgate in an incredibly chic, monochrome get-up. And what was she really wearing? Her OV Kit – a Light Photofinish Tee and Running Woman Sweats both in Charcoal!! Not going to lie, I 100% bought a Kit after that.

Babs: I saw her that day! She was crushing the Kit. I would definitely say that we are #DoingThings and we are #DoingThings – and most of the time in the same outfit. Shout out to OV for making leggings cool again.

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