East vs. West: Which Coast Does Street Style Better?

New York and San Francisco are, in many ways, one and the same: hipster coffee shops sit at every corner, taxi horns fill the air, and they both know the value of a trendy outfit. While New Yorkers tend to sport all black and sleek, San Franciscans lean towards laid-back and comfortable. For those of us who don’t live in either city, which coast does street style the best?

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New York, NY

New Yorkers make up a breed of their own. They have no time for slow-moving tourists, they place way too much importance on bottomless brunch, and most of all, they seem to lead the world in the top trends. Their style can be described as sleek, sophisticated and modern. While a typical outfit for a New Yorker might include all black and leather, this city pushes boundaries. Truly anything goes as long as it can turn heads. New York changes the way people view street-style. While a work outfit could include a sophisticated blazer with cheetah print kitten heels and casual button up, a casual Saturday might feature a trendier LBD with pumps. Overall, the goal is to look as though it’s New York Fashion Week, every week. New Yorkers take their style seriously. Even workout clothing brands have altered their designs to fit the “always trendy” looks that New Yorkers like to follow. In New York, fashion is a competition put on by the ever-changing trends.  

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San Francisco, CA

San Francisco style-goers, on the other hand, follow a completely different set of fashion rules. Their everyday looks are more laid-back while still staying fashion-forward. Though San Francisco lies on the west coast, the weather looks nothing like the picture-perfect sunny SoCal. San Francisco weather is crisp, windy and unpredictable. Because of this, San Francisco residents must be ready for any weather condition Mother Nature wants to throw at them. A San Franciscans’ closet might feature multiple flannels, different tones of black (one thing the two cities can agree on), and winter boots. San Franciscans are not unfamiliar with the all-black theme, but they show it in a different way. While a New Yorker might style their outfit always ready for a rooftop bar or a red carpet, San Franciscans dress for fashion-forward comfort. A typical outfit for a San Franciscan might include a natural-toned sweater, a wooly scarf and a trendy pair of winter boots. San Francisco incorporates the vibes of a beach town with the elements of a big city.

Whether you like to pair knee-high boots with a sleek leather jacket, or you would rather throw on a flannel and an earth-toned scarf, both cities offer their own take on street style. New Yorkers are intense, sophisticated and put together, while San Franciscans are easygoing, sensible and authentic. Whichever style you side with, both cities-goers know how to turn a grimy sidewalk into their own personal catwalk.

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