Expect the Unexpected: Working for Anthropologie

When applying for summer jobs, I didn’t think fashion retail was for me. I’m very much a spectator- watching Project Runway religiously, following Red Carpet looks etc. I randomly applied for a few fashion retail positions, local boutiques, and a few major brands.

Luckily, I received an interview request from Anthropologie and made it through the interview process!

In my hunt for summer jobs, and specifically ones in fashion retail I expected to do:

1. Customer Service– cashier, wrapping gifts, running the fitting room

2. Cleaning

3. Styling customers

4. Folding, sorting, and organizing

You know, the usual. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely did those things, but there was something special about working at Anthro.

There was something special about getting late night In N Out meals with your manager, having beachfront photo shoots with your friends, and dancing around the store like it was happy hour at your favorite karaoke bar.

Here are some of my favorite memories from this summer and some things I got out of working at Anthro that I didn’t expect:

1. Best friends

2. Management that made you feel like a family– This is my manager, Alex (on left) with my coworker Brianna (on right)!

pc: @briannahealyy

3. Plenty more Instagram followers… my managers and coworkers!

4. In-store parties and food– This was my outfit for “dress to impress day”!

5.  Personal, professional, photoshoot with Anthro clothes and one of my high school friends, Olivia

photo credit Corey Villicana, photographer for Anthropologie San Diego

Working at Anthropologie didn’t feel like work most of the time because the women working there are so much fun. As a Customer Associate, I grew to appreciate our customer’s sense of style and discovered more of my own along the way. Writing for WFU Style prepared me not only for the interview, but for everyday challenges at work. Our customer, “she”, is strong, compassionate, spontaneous, and most of all, courageous. Finding my voice here at WFU Style and beyond at Wake Forest University, has helped me embody “her”, the customer, and truly enjoy my time working at Anthro.

I am so thankful for my experience working with Store 473 in Carlsbad, CA and I can’t wait to get home in December to continue working there!


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