Your Fall Sweater Soulmate

Despite the forecast for the next two weeks with temperatures in the high 70s to low 80s, fall is right around the corner. The leaves are changing, the mornings are crisp, and I am more than happy to start ordering vanilla lattés at Starbucks. Along with the lovely change in weather, we get the opportunity to completely revamp our wardrobes for the fall. Which means the arrival of something very near and dear to my heart – fall sweaters.

Turtlenecks, cardigans, pullovers, and more, fall sweaters make up a solid 90% of my closet. With my suggestions, you can find and fantasize about your very own fall sweater soul mate. And don’t be mistaken; this is not just any fall sweater. This is the sweater that you can wear with absolutely anything.

Maybe you’re on your way to the gym and it’s a little chilly, so you throw it on over your workout clothes. Maybe you’re on hour eight in ZSR and you need something cozy to cuddle up in. Maybe it’s a rainy day and you’re chillin’ watching Netflix in your room. This is the sweater that’ll satisfy all of your cozy, autumnal needs. 

So delve on into these fall sweater options. As the temperatures start to fall, your level of coziness will surely begin to rise!

For the cardigan lover:


top: Joie Vanhi bottom: Shambala

For the pullover lover:


top: Vince bottom: BDG

For the turtleneck lover:


top: Silence + Noise bottom: Velvet by Graham and Spencer Rosa

For the sweatshirt lover:


top: Project Social T x Out from Under bottom: Project Social

–McGee Bosworth

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