Five Best Places to De-Stress on Campus

At Work Forest, we are known to be high achievers and dedicated workers. However even as high achievers, we all need time to refresh ourselves. This guide is perfect for anyone that is super stressed(all of us) or anyone who wants to just relax.

Wake Downtown

A change of scenery never hurt anyone and if you have run out of places to go on campus, hitch a ride to downtown on the shuttle. Check out one of the cafes to study in or get lost in a cool antique shop.

Fourth & Trade downtown. Photo Courtesy of Lucy Xi

Reynolda Gardens or Trails

You don’t have to be a nature lover to enjoy Reynolda Gardens. Take the time to slow things down to  forget about your workload, never-ending extracurriculars and chill. While you’re at it, check out the Crepe place for either a sweet or savory treat to fuel your brain.

Reynolda Garden in summer. Photo Courtesy of Brooke McCormick

Take a Zumba, Yoga, Rockclimbing Class

Stressed about that five page essay due in two days, got some drama with your friends, or just stressed about life? Vent off all those feelings in one of these classes.

Vinyasa Yoga Class at Reynolda Gym. Photo Courtesy of Lucy Xie

Treat yourself to a smoothie, sweet treat, or something delicious

Nobody can work on an empty stomach and neither can your brain. After studying so hard, reward yourself with something.

By the way, the cheesecakes at Camino Bakery are also 11/10.

Cheesecakes from Camino Bakery. Photo Courtesy of Lucy Xi

ZSR Naptime

Sleep deprivation is a real issue. But let’s remember beauty sleep is a real solution too. A nap is more refreshing and useful than you think and it is a win-win for the mind and body.

Now there are many other ways to relax: a comedy show, spa time with friends, or hanging out with a furry friend. It doesn’t matter what you do, but that you do something to relax because self-care is important.

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