The Five Dudes You Meet on Grailed

For the uninformed reader, allow me to briefly fill you in on the Hypebeast wonderland that is Grailed. Grailed is a men’s fashion eBay of sorts, where sellers can post articles of clothing and solicit offers from buyers or receive payments if the buyer feels that the price already listed is justified. I am an avid user of Grailed and have been on the site for more than year now. I’ve been able to find countless grails (grail being an item you have been scouring for, for an extended period of time), and I have been able to cash in on clothes that I’ve grown tired of. Unlike eBay, Grailed ensures that any fraudulent items will be spotted quickly. Grailed is an exciting, vibrant and creative community and because of this, I would like to shine a light on the five different types of recurring characters you’ll run into while on Grailed.

#1: The Lowballer Dude

The “lowballer dude” is easily the most recurring character of the five. “Lowballer dude” sees the price you listed for your item and essentially throws it out the window. Grailed allows you to bid as low as 60% of the listed price, and it’s a fairly safe bet that the “lowballer dude” will send an offer of 60% of the listed price . He’ll beg and plead for you to counter, but, word of advice, don’t give “lowballer dude” the time of day. Move on with your life and forget about him.

photo credit Carlos Torres de Navarra

#2: The Salty Dude

The “salty dude” is the funnest one to toy around with. “Salty dude” more than likely missed out on the day of the drop/release and is taking out his frustrations on resellers. You will commonly find “salty dude” in the comment section putting you on blast for being a reseller knowing full well, deep down, he made the crucial mistake of not setting up autofill on his computer before the drop. Few are blessed with the rare talent of “copping” (successfully purchasing) manually on drop day, and those who can’t, I find it hard to empathize with. If the occasional “salty dude” decides to make his presence known in the comment section of your listed item expressing their hatred for you, I advise you to be as sarcastic as humanly possible.

#3: The Scammer Dude

The “scammer dude” is the dude on Grailed lacking any sort of moral compass. “Scammer dude” lurks on Grailed trying to find any naive users he can take advantage of. This usually manifests itself in off site transactions, or, in other words, transactions done off the site in order to circumvent Grailed fees. “Scammer dude” will specifically ask that you send your payment as a “gift” rather than a purchase or transaction. When payments are sent as gifts, the person on the other end receiving the money has no liability, owing nothing to the person who sent the money, allowing “scammer dude” to essentially run away with your money with no issues. Many times I have encountered this type of character, but I have yet to trip up *knocks on wood*.

#4: Mom’s Credit Card Dude

“Mom’s credit card dude” is a special breed. This is a young male entrusted with his parents’ credit card and has absolutely no concept or grasp as to what earning your a dollar means. This character frequents his local sneaker convention while wearing an American flag Supreme box logo hoodie and clout goggles. “Mom’s credit card dude’s” parents had to take out a second mortgage because their deranged son bought a Louis Vuitton Supreme box logo hoodie in an attempt to dress like his idol, Benjamin Kickz. This character, in an attempt to impress his fellow thirteen year old homies, ends up looking like a buffoon to be quite frank. As much as I dislike “mom’s credit card dude,” he’s my main source of income. If we didn’t have dudes like this, there would be no money to be made on Grailed, and for this I thank them.

#5: Almost Banned Dudes

And lastly, we have “almost banned dudes”. This one hits too close to home because I am an “almost banned dude”. “Almost banned dudes” are sellers who make it a point to sell items off site in order to circumvent Grailed fees. To their misfortune, Grailed has a bot that can detect these transactions. Grailed states that after the second “strike” you get banned from the site. Now every time someone feels the burning desire to DM me their phone number or email, I have to immediately block them so Grailed won’t boot me. Grailed team, if you’re reading this, thank you for sparing me, I love you all dearly.

So there you have it, the five recurring characters you’ll encounter on Grailed. Buy and sell in peace, also peep my Grailed and donate some money to a worthy cause. (


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