Flower Crownin’ : Your Coachella Getaway + New Playlist

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After scrolling through my Instagram this weekend (and the endless snapchat stories), I had nothing but Coachella FOMO. From runways to weddings, flower crowns are everywhere, and are such a simple accessory. Why buy a flower crown when you can make one yourself, even customize it to your style! Here’s how to make your own:

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First gather your essentials! You can buy all of these at any craft store. You will need:

Floral stem wire

  • Green paddle wire (I used 26-gauge)
  • Scissors capable of cutting thin wire
  • Flowers of course! (I just went to Michaels and got fake ones but if you want real ones, you can pick them and dry them out before using them for your crown)

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1. First, construct the crown base using floral stem wire. Cut it a few inches longer than the circumference of your head, and create a hook at either end. Hook both ends together.

   2. Take your first flower and cut it to your desired length. To attach it to your crown base, first wrap an inch or two of paddle wire around both the base and the greenery. Twist the remaining wire together, and then continue to wrap this around the crown base.

3. Do this in two or three spots along the length of the plant if necessary, until the it feels secure.

4.  Play some ‘chella tunes, put that beautiful crown on your head and embrace your inner flower child!




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           Catch up with our Coachella playlist while you make your DYI!   

Pictures taken from: @dianajaber and Pinterest

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  1. Nina Reply

    I love this trend! I don’t see it much at Wake, but on occasion I’ll be extra brave and pull my flower crowns out for some flair. thanks for this post!

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