Food Trend: Unicorn Everything

At this rate, 2017 should be renamed the Year of the Unicorn. I can’t go on social media without seeing pastel rainbow foods everywhere– and, to be honest with you, I love it. Everything seems to be rainbow inspired: bagels, popcorn, and fashion trends are all sporting an array of bright colors. Check out some of my favorite unicorn treats below:

Unicorn Hot Chocolate: if you know me at all, you know that hot chocolate is my weakness. Add on these fun toppings and sprinkles, and I’m in trouble.

1 unicorn-hot-chocolate


Unicorn Macarons: another favorite of mine, these are almost too pretty to eat.

2 Unicorn Macarons 1


3 Unicorn-Macarons 2


Unicorn Milkshake: I hope Burger Batch in Winston-Salem makes a version of these soon!

4 Milkshake

Credit: Cosmopolitan UK

Unicorn Ice Cream: this DIY recipe is on my to-do list ASAP:

5 Unicorn-Ice-Cream


Unicorn Cakes: these are everywhere, and our very own Tart Sweets Café in Winston-Salem has some adorable options.

6 Unicorn Cakes

Credit: Tart Sweets Winston-Salem

Unicorn Bark: this looks so fun and easy to make! Rainy day treat, anyone?

7 unicorn-bark


Unicorn grilled cheese: I think I could eat this for every meal of the day.

8 Grilled-Cheese


Unicorn Cafés: There are many of these popping up, from the Mac Lab Bakery & Café in Duluth, Georgia to the Unicorn Café in Bangkok, Thailand. Number one on my bucket list is Crème & Sugar, located in Anaheim, California. Here are a few of my favorite items on their menu.

13 Unicorn Cafe 5

Credit: @cremeandsugaroc

9 Unicorn Cafe 1

Credit: @cremeandsugaroc

10 Unicorn Cafe 2

Credit: @cremeandsugaroc

11 Unicorn Cafe 3

Credit: @cremeandsugaroc

12 Unicorn Cafe 4

Credit: @cremeandsugaroc

I hope you love this trend as much as I do!

– Mary Anne

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