Funky Punk and Studded Love


Hello, style stalkers. As you all know, the most anticipated event in fashion took place last Monday. Influential characters such as Sienna Miller, Blake Lively, and Mary Kate Olsen, to name a few, debuted their take on punk fashion at the Met Gala. Guess what that means? It’s our turn to reflect on their choices.

Personally, I can’t imagine deciding on an ensemble to sport to the Met Gala (I mean obviously my invitation got lost in the mail…). The pressure is on as the stars take the red carpet, and it’s up to the invitees to decide what route they’re going to take. Be it eccentric, artistic, simple, or edgy, no matter what the final decision is or how the gown looks, the attendees are subject to oohs, aahs, and even ews, as they enter the gala. So Kim K., we’ll go easy on you. (It definitely could have been worse, and having Kanye in tow always makes you look a tad better). Furthermore, we would always rather swoon over Sienna’s studded jacket than gawk at a pregnant lady.

The punk theme may have been questionable when compared to last year’s Schiaparelli & Prada theme; however, even Anna Wintour was able to play rock star for the night. A couple of our favorites include Cara Delevingne (my #1), Sienna (always a stunner), the ever-sexy Miranda Kerr, Kate Bosworth (blew us away), and of course, who could forget Beyonce. But let’s make sure to give some credit to the men, too. May their ability to look stunning in a simple suit never go unnoticed. 

So, Nicholas Hoult, John Krasinski (sigh), Armie Hammer, and Gwen Stefani’s man, Gavin Rossdale, here’s to you.

Enjoy, xx, 


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