Got It From Our Mamas: Happy Mother’s Day to Our Stylish Moms

We all had to get our sense of style from somewhere, right? Today, on Mother’s Day, we honor the stylish moms of WFU Style!

Check out some our members’ fashionable moms and their incredible style!

Susan Lynch

My Mom’s style is classic with trendy pieces, highlighting timeless high fashion pieces like bags and shoes, with trendy items like jumpsuits, blazers and leather leggings. Her go-to outfit includes jeans, Jimmy Choo pumps, and a tuxedo blazer matched with a YSL clutch for a sophisticated night time look. My favorite piece in my mom’s closet is a toss-up between a black YSL clutch and red suede Gucci sandals. Instead of one specific fashion icon, my mother pulls inspiration from her favorite films, actresses, designers, and shows. Like any great stylists, my mom relies on classic elements to anchor her wardrobe, but isn’t afraid to try something new to keep it fresh. Currently, her favorite trend is the statement blouse or leather leggings. Although the list is endless, if my mom could buy one thing for her wardrobe it would be a Gucci Dionysus Handbag.

– Torrie Baldini

Lauren Collins

My mom and I have very similar style with the exception of the heels she wears everyday to try to make up for the 5 inches I have on her (thanks for those, Dad!). My mom would typically wear white jeans and a blouse to work at her boutique in Anna Maria, Florida but she is currently obsessed with her new Deepa Gurnani two-toned gem studs and a blue gingham dress she just bought from Zara. If my mom could add anything to her closet it would definitely be more heels… preferably by Stuart Weitzman.

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful Mommy! Xo

– Meghan Collins

Ana Maria Gonzalez

My mamá is from Mexico, and def reps the style down there. She likes to dress in artisan, one of a kind items than designer, and rocks it. She loves working with local artists in Mexico to personalize her style. I definitely got that from my mamá. On a typical day, she would be wear a cute embroidered shirt with nice pants, espadrilles, and lots of jewelry! She is currently obsessed with this wrap choker she got back home in San Miguel (wearing it in the photo) – it’s beautiful! She wears it all the time. If my mom could add anything to her closet, she would totally go for some cute handmade jewelry, preferably something with amber or big chunky rocks.
Feliz día de las madres mami!

– Ivanna Martinez

Amy Cohn

Style: Comfortable and simple.
Similar styles?: We both like wearing fairly neutral colors but definitely have different styles overall.
Go-To outfit: Black jeans and a sweater and a scarf. 
Favorite piece in her closet: A black Narcisso Rodreguez dress. It is perfect for any upscale event! 
Style icon: points at me 🙂 
If she could buy anything: Red Valentino patent leather purse 
– Sophie Cohn

Maureen Sawchak

My mom Maureen is my total style icon! Her style is very whimsical, a little boho and just a dash of southern–she loves her Frye boots with western stitching. We love to spend Saturdays brunching then going to Anthropologie. I am always stealing her fabulous dresses and bags. My dad always asks why I have so many purses. I guess you could say I got that addiction from my mom!

– Julia Sawchak

Elisabeth Wiener

My mom and I hundred percent have the same taste and style. We have matching everything – motorcycle jackets, shoes, dresses, shirts, sweaters, everything – and it’s all blue. It’s kind of funny because our styles have really evolved together. While I was in high school, we both wore super colorful, preppy clothes, like with Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines. Now we both wear a lot more neutral colors with pops of pink and blue and are not afraid to try edgy looks. EHW loves leather, suede, and metallic anything. Her favorite trend right now is actually vegan leather. She seems to always be wearing it! However, her go-to look is her “Sevens,” a lightweight sweater, and stylish flats. If my mom could buy any piece to add to her closet, she would get an Emilio Pucci dress. When I asked EHW who her style icon was, she giggled and said, “Gracie Wiener.” Now I have proof that she copies my outfits!

– Gracie Wiener

Cate Jarrett

Meet my mom, Cate Jarrett! Her style is simple, cute, and always includes pops of color. Our sense of style is somewhat similar because we love to wear blue and both have many timeless pieces in our closet. She often wears athleisure clothing as her go-to outfit because she is always on the go. My favorite accessory piece in my mom’s closet is her gold and silver David Yurman Cable bracelet because it goes with everything. Her style icon is Kate Middleton and she loves flower embroidery, cashmere, and anything blue! If she could buy anything to add to her closet, she would buy a DVF timeless wrap dress!

– Grace Jarrett

Lisa Rothney

I would define my mom’s style as classic with a bit of an edge. We definitely have similar style – we both love black and white, leather. and adding flour with accessories. My mom’s go-to outfit is a pair of skinny jeans, her Gucci slippers, a white blouse, and a blazer or leather jacket. My favourite piece in my mom’s closet is her mini black silk Dior bag with blue beaded flowers. According to my mom, I am her style icon – I’m not complaining! Currently, my mom is loving the platform sneaker trend. If there could be any addition to my mom’s wardrobe, she would close the candy pink Chanel dress Lily-Rose Depp wore to the Met Gala.

– Stephanie Rothney

Catherine Frieder

How would you define your mom’s style? Conservative Rule Breaker
Do the two of you have similar style? how so? Not at all!! But, we both have a unique style. She’s more edgy and I’m much preppier.
What’s your mom’s go-to outfit? White jeans, Chanel shoes, a necklace and a white top
What’s your favorite piece in your mom’s closet? A pair of Chanel booties
Who’s your mom’s style icon? Audrey Hepburn and Mrs. Roper
What current trend does your mom love? Flats
If your mom could buy anything to add to her closet right now, what would it be? White Birkin

– Jane Frieder

Alice Guariglia

My mom likes to say she is the original tall and preppy. I obviously get all of my fashion sense from her! My mother always taught me that trends come and go but classic pieces like a white button down, an Hermès scarf, and a classic strand of pearls always stay in style. She also taught me that cheetah print is a neutral. My mother and I have very similar style in that we love wearing pieces that are timeless and classic. My mom’s go to outfit for running errands is her dark wash jeans, a t-shirt, a blazer or jacket of some sort, a bright bag, and a scarf. Très parisian. My favorite piece in my mom’s closet is her dark pink and gold Hermes scarf. Her style icon is Audrey Hepburn. If she could buy anything to add to her collection, she would buy a Chanel suit. I asked my mom what trends she loves right now, and she gave me more of what she hates… She said she hates the “cold-shoulder” tops and ripped jeans. LOL

– Elizabeth Guariglia

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