Gucci Did Good: Harry Styles’ Second Gucci Campaign

What is cuter than baby pigs and goats? Answer: Harry Styles with baby pigs and goats. Better answer: Harry Styles with baby pigs and goats wearing Gucci suits. Something about Harry Styles feeding and cradling animals seems to sell suits, and we can imagine why.

Last Tuesday, September 18th, Harry Styles’ second campaign with the aforementioned Gucci brand was announced. Harry Styles wears their Cruise 2019 tailoring collection, sporting suits with checkered and embroidered detailing. Only Harry Styles could pull off these looks while holding baby animals and still pull our attention to his adorable face.

His first campaign with Gucci was photographed at a fish and chips shop in London, where he was pictured with chickens and puppies.

Harry wearing Gucci House’s suiting designed by Alessandro Michele for Fall Winter 2018.

Conversely, this photoshoot took place at a 16th century Italian Villa. The gorgeous, romantic, country setting playfully illuminates the unconventional suits that Gucci presents in this 2019 line. Many of the photographs were taken in black and white, drawing our focus to the clear connection formed between Harry and the animals.

My personal favorite shot:

The tailored cut of the suits collar and its elongated, dramatized flaps mimic the shape of the baby goat’s ear. His adorable smirk and wink at the goat make us want to know the secret message being shared between the two and draw us further into the brand and its illusive, coquettish style.

Harry shown holding baby goat. Black and white image. Gucci Cruise 2019, men’s tailoring campaign.

This next shot features the embroidered jacket and exemplifies the masterful way Gucci mixes pattern. The vibrancy of the suit and the relaxed demeanor of the pig and of Harry’s face creates contrast, which makes the suit’s style pop of the page (or screen of our phone).

Harry wearing Gucci Cruise 2019. Embroidered jacket with checkered interior.

When I saw this last photograph I screamed like a baby goat. The goats run freely around Harry, as he sits back, allowing them to enjoy the wild, effervescent nature of being a child at play. This idea coincides perfectly with the freedom of style exhibited in this look. Again we see the elongated extra pointy collar, the mix of material, and a light femininity added to an otherwise masculine look through the embroidered scarf remind us all that fashion is limitless.

Harry pictured in Gucci Cruise 2019. Color shot, dramatic collar, silk scarf, and tailored jacket.

To end, it seems as if men’s fashion is making more and more strides. Gucci steps out of the box with these looks, and while they are adorable pictures we can also take away that fashion is not limited by gender, and in today’s political climate, this is a statement worth noting.

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