HBO Euphoria’s Maddy Perez: My Style Icon

Euphoria. To me, it’s one of the most confusing yet clear concepts. It can describe a state of pure happiness and fantasy, or just as easily one marked by an inappropriately warped and abnormal reality. A state of surrealness, a state of darkness, but simultaneously a gleaming light. All of these things; these confusing emotions, sensations, and sentiments are perfectly encapsulated by the lives of the teenagers of East Highland. 

Describing HBOs Euphoria as a “coming of age” series triggers a sense of familiarity that is immediately washed away within minutes of episode one. The characters’ struggles reveal a modern and raw millennial truth, one defined by the realities of our generation. Whether it be through dealing with gender and sexuality, alcohol and drugs, or illness and loss, the depth and identity of each of the characters is so thoughtfully formed. Following the lives and internal struggles of an eclectic cast of teenagers proves to be as emotional as it is overwhelming. 

One of the things that accentuates the individuality and unique persona’s of each character is their style. Maddy Perez is a badass babe whose bold outfits express her confidence and diva-esque mentality. Through flashbacks to her childhood, it is evident that Maddy is a natural born leader who has always had a passion for fashion. Her feminine yet edgy look is marked by her love of bold colors, cheeky patterns, and daring two-piece sets. By always topping off her looks with intricate makeup and unique accessories, Maddy makes the hallways of East Highland her runway. 

Maddy has won the title of my style icon and girl-crush, and I’ll admit I’ve attempted to jack her style. Here are my top three Maddy looks from season 1, with info on how to recreate these legendary ensembles. 

1. Maddy’s Set Obsession is exemplified by this killer outfit, which can be found in black on the brand’s website. Maddy’s deep purple version was custom made just for this intense carnival scene! 

Photo credits: HBO
Photo credits: I.AM.GIA

Lucid Pant Black from I.AM.GIA.

2. Maddy made the bowling alley her runway in these patterned jeans, which are surprisingly soft and stretchy. Paired with the matching top or a casual sweater, these jeans are suited for any occasion. 

Photo credits: HBO
Photo credits: miaou

Tommy – Black Embroidery from miaou.

3. Last but not least, Maddy’s show stopping prom outfit definitely takes the cake. Although I definitely won’t be needing such an extravagant set like that anytime soon, this shirt definitely ties in the vibe in a more casual manner. 

Photo credits: HBO
Photo credits: revolve

After Party Tank from Fraiser Sterling at Revolve.

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