Hello From Barcelona!

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Are you all alive? Does Wake still exist! Reality seems so out of reach…hard to imagine there are people in ZSR as we speak…but I won’t go there.


Time has absolutely flown by while across the pond, and I kind of want it all to last forever. The experiences have been incredible and I feel so lucky to have traveled so much. Ibiza, Munich, and Costa Brava are now behind me, and ahead is Amsterdam, Rome, Paris (from where I will be sending an SOS for fashion overload and debt), Istanbul, Madrid, and hopefully Interlaken.

But of course, I am not writing for Travel magazine. Style is what I want to touch on. While I wouldn’t call Barcelona a fashion mecca, I have definitely found gold in several niches. Zara and H&M have kept me alive not only because they are almost always on-point, but also because my budget can afford it. The main street, Paseo de Gracia  has Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc; yet, one purchase there and I wouldn’t be eating for the rest of the month. Still, every so often I’ll stroll through and pretend I can buy whatever my heart desires…


Because I cannot get enough blog browsing back in the states, I was curious to find if Spain has the same presence of fashion media and blog popularity. As it turns out, this is a budding business here. Vogue.es has kept me informed with fashion media in Spain, and I encourage ya’ll to check out these three!

Clara Alonso (First Spanish model to walk the Victoria Secret runway):http://blogs.vogue.es/clara-alonso/


Cup of Couple (Madrid – they wrote about the LV Barcelona store opening, not sure why I wasn’t invited…): www.cupofcouple.com


My Little Pleaschhures: http://blogs.vogue.es/my-little-pleaschhures/2013/10/dead-flowers/

I also stumbled upon a start up project, The Rocking House, which is a fashion consulting company, made to help promote fashion bloggers. Tomorrow morning I have the pleasure of grabbing coffee with the CEO of Rocking House (may have stalked her down a bit…) so I can’t wait to update ya’ll on a hopeful collaboration with her.

Keep Wake alive and running and stylish,



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