Holiday Decorations on Campus

The holiday season is a time when campus goes all out with decorations. The effort that goes into decorations makes for a beautiful sight between Thanksgiving and finals. From the day after Halloween, until the last day of finals, the campus radiates holiday spirit, from lights to trees to cups.

Workers are constantly adding to the already luminous and numerous decorations to create an atmosphere that welcomes the holidays as finals approach. With new decorations appearing every day, it lets students embrace the upcoming break and also helps them feel like they are still able to partake in holiday festivities while being involved in life on campus.

The first decoration to come out to start the holiday season are the red Starbucks cups which made their appearance the day after Halloween.

After a student gets his/her Starbucks and walks into the library, the student is greeted with streamers and snowflakes to create a festive atmosphere that encourages studying for finals in order to go home and celebrate the holiday season.

Taking a break from studying and going to Benson for some food, students see this tree in the center of the Benson, decorated in gold and topped with a Deacon hat to show some school spirit mixed in with the holidays.

Now, entering the Quad is where all the lights bring the holiday spirit to life on campus.

The lights on the trees that circle the Quad were strung before Thanksgiving break and have been lit occasionally before the main event of the Lighting of the Quad that welcomes the holiday spirit.

Mother So Dear shines with a crystal light and advertises Lovefeast, a religious holiday event that brings the campus community together to celebrate the holiday season.

The main tree on the Quad is up and ready for the lighting. Unlike the rest of the Quad, which tends to be lit on most nights, the tree has remained dark until the official lighting to symbolize the start of the holiday season.

With a few days before the Lighting of the Quad, the campus continues to expand it’s holiday decorations with candles lit surrounding the entire Quad, letting lights shine that lead to the glow of the Chapel at the end.

The annual Lovefeast allows students as well as the Winston-Salem community to celebrate a deeper meaning for the holiday season through the popularly attended event that gives people the opportunity to reflect on themselves and to cherish love, family, and friends during the holidays.

The day of the tradition. All set up for the annual Lighting of the Quad to officially welcome the holiday season onto campus.

President O’Hatch completes the countdown as the whole Quad lights up to celebrate the holiday season. Students who came out to the event laughed when Chaplain Tim Auman started off the event by saying “I know this is a great break from preparing for exams.”

So therefore, even with all the efforts of holiday cheer in the air through the decorations on campus, students fail to forget what is coming and make their way back to the library to continue to study for all their upcoming exams!

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