Hooked on the City that Never Sleeps

    In my 20 years on this planet, I have seen countless cities and experienced many diverse cultures. Even after beginning a semester studying abroad in Europe, I cannot seem to shake my love for New York. While London exudes romance and charm, and Los Angeles boasts about year round summer, the New York air speaks for itself.

        This summer, I interned in New York City at a fashion PR company. As a girl from the suburbs of Kansas, I had no idea what to expect. With my bedroom walls covered in the skyline, I had always dreamed about life in New York City. Despite my love of the city, I knew that if life in New York was as blissful as the movies make it out to be, the whole world would be dying to move there. So with two suitcases full of various shades of black, I packed up and moved to the West Village.

Charming brownstones line a West Village street

        My summer in New York was nothing like the movies. In fact, it was so much better. You can’t understand the magic of New York without living it. A TV screen rarely does justice to the feeling of going out for a $1 slice of New York pizza at 1 AM and being met with a line of twenty completely different and unique lives who all had the craving. You can’t read in a book about those times where you and your taxi drive argue over who had the wrong address, only to make amends and begin discussing why Mondays don’t seem to like either of you. And while the world loves to complain about the New York subway, they seem to forget about those moments where you make friends with the 3 year-old boy sitting next to you who cannot contain his excitement about his plans to see the new Incredibles movie.

The Brooklyn Bridge connects the investment bankers of Wall Street to the hipsters of Brooklyn

        The East Village might have more rats than the Upper West Side has five-star restaurants, and one subway ride could take you from the trendy charm of the West Village to the iconic landmarks of Midtown. Despite the wildly diverse neighborhoods, wherever you go, honking taxi drivers and all, New Yorkers share the same sense of pride. Whether you are a struggling stand-up comedian, or a member of the rich and famous, everyone in New York exudes undeniable passion and vibrancy.

Rockefeller Center offers 360° views of the City that Never Sleeps

Only once you have ridden the subway at 8 am with hundreds of other tired commuters, tried an egg and cheese sandwich from a local bodega, or taken a few hours to lie in Central Park and observe the dozens of nannies scrambling to keep children occupied, will you truly understand the magic of New York. In all my years of traveling the world, no city or group of people can truly mimic the energy of the City that Never Sleeps.

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