How Television Shapes our Wardrobe

Hello lovelies!

Where do you find your style inspirations? Do you notice a girl wearing a cute outfit while walking the streets of your hometown and think that you simplymust have that cardigan she is sporting? Or maybe you’re inspired by the lookbook Vogue puts out every year in September.

For me, I have always been inspired by my favorite television characters. In particular, it always seems to be the girls in NYC that captivate me. These girls have the perfect playground, Manhattan, to play on and they romp around the classic city in equally incredible outfits.

One of my all time favorite characters is Blair Waldorf. Besides her ability to scheme, as well as her red-hot romance with the sexy Chuck Bass, Blair has hands down some of the best fashion TV has ever seen. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite fall/winter looks worn by Ms. Waldorf.

First, my favorite holiday look from Blair. It was Thanksgiving of her junior year, and this girl absolutely nails it!


I love this look! It’s slightly sassy, but also very appropriate for the Thanksgiving holiday. I also love her tights, the detail on them is beautiful and it very much compliments her dress.


Here, she blends colors and prints perfectly! She brightens up the winter with color, but makes sure that it isn’t too flashy!


She can totally rock the blazer and slacks look!


I love the buttoned detail of her dress and the pattern of her coat!


 Maybe my all time favorite Blair look…she is simply stunning in this beaded blue Elie Saab masterpiece! It’s perfect for her winter  nuptials to the equally fashionable Chuck Bass.

As you can tell…I’m slightly obsessed with Gossip Girl and I most definitely have a woman crush on Blair!

Xoxo, Kenz[ie]

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