Instagram Scrolling: A Form of Research

377 followers to 729 following. By most instagram users, this would be considered an embarrassing ratio. I must admit, I am extremely guilty of over- instagramming and am not the most popular user of all time. But it’s not posting that I love about instagram, it’s viewing the posts of the 729 accounts I follow.
From Man Repeller to We Wore What, The Coveteur to Nifty Thrifty, Something Navy to British Vogue, the posts have me swooning over perfected outfits, unobtainable bags, or even just an image of a great cappuccino.
As the days go by, my “following” number increases simply because I cannot get enough of these perfected photos. Since I’ve been in Spain, I’ve come to absolutely love the bloggers of “Cup of Couple,” a couple from Madrid who post immaculate photos of men’s fashion and savvy Spanish spots (which I shamelessly stalk down). This is just one example of the many accounts I’ve recently added to my list. Here are a few more:
This is an image from instagram user @kyrstal_bick. Who is this? I really couldn’t tell you. Just one of the accounts I follow, which posts great photos. This image is my favorite representation of the tennis shoe trend that seems to be everywhere right now, as well as a representation of the first thing on my Christmas list.
This is a recent post from @thecoveteur. I screen-shotted it because, well I really can’t imagine a more perfect image. It might even be my phone background… Needless to say, The Coveteur is my all time favorite source of all instagram inspiration. This is what I consider a perfected vision of art and fashion.
This artistic photo was posted by @toryburch about a week ago. I would love to have this framed in my house one day. When it comes to decor inspiration, Tory Burch and Dallas artist, @graymaylin, whom I cannot get enough of, will have you covered.
If you don’t follow @weworewhat already, follow now! She is a New York native and all of her outfits epitomize the fashionable vintage lover. I’m in love with this look in the above photo, and a lot of her clothes are from places you’ve never even heard of. A great follow to say the least.


Lastly, this photo was posted by @openingceremony. Not only is this a brand I lust over, but an instagram account to lust over as well. The caption on this was “All that glitters!”, introducing their holiday gift guide. What more inspiration would you need?
Other favorite accounts include @oraclefoxblog, @helenabordon, @whowhatwear (not the same as @weworewhat), @couldihavethat, the list goes on.
At this point, playing instagram catch up isn’t just a time killer, its a form of fashion research.
Megan O.

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