Internship Series: Tuckernuck Edition

When most people think of Washington, D.C., the most typical professional avenues that come to mind are politics, journalism, and historical research. However, if you can look behind the hazy clouds of cut-throat politics, you will find a city booming with entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and fashion-coveting individuals.

During the fall semester of my junior year, I decided to take an a-typical path for a Wake Forest student. Since most juniors were going to be abroad, and I had already participated in the Wake Forest Eurotour, I decided to spend the fall semester taking classes at our nation’s capital and partaking in my dream internship at the Tuckernuck headquarters.

Tuckernuck is an online and brick-and-mortar boutique, which sells both new and well-known labels, curated to represent the classic, American-cool lifestyle, and always keeping in mind our motto “find the fun.” As an intern, my days were never boring. I worked with almost every department; I provided input on what to buy for the next season, helped in photo shoots, in writing product descriptions, in loading products to the website, and in promoting the products through marketing campaigns and the new arrivals instagram. Some of the jobs I worked on directly related to classes I was taking at GW that semester and were also connected to concepts I had previously learned in my business classes at Wake Forest.

Another exciting aspect of working at Tuckernuck last semester was that I was part of their first store opening. Tuckernuck launched their e-commerce website in 2012, but just this October, they opened their first store. It was invaluable to sit in on meetings and to also help during this exciting new venture for the company. It also meant that I was able to attend the launch party!

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 7.57.46 PM

Images top down: Tuckernuck Headquarters, During a photoshoot at Tuckernuck, Tuckernuck’s launch party, before Tuckernuck launch party 

Although my day-to-day tasks were fun, my favorite part about the company was the corporate culture. Every day, I was inspired by the men and women behind the brand. They were motivated, smart, funny, creative, and willing to teach. Whenever I had a question or wanted to join in on a project, they were receptive and answered my questions entirely. Even the founders of the company would take time out of their days’ to get to know me and tell a funny story or ask about my interests. 

Interning at Tuckernuck this past semester not only taught me about the corporate dealings of a fashion company, but it also opened my eyes to a new part of D.C. I now see Washington a city that embodies art, culture and fashion. It can be appreciated because of its architecture, art museums, and through the creative spirit that is alive and well.


One of the most adorable office members!

Thanks for such an incredible experience, Tuckernuck team. 

XO Sophie

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