Interview with @DonaldDrawbertson, Part II

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to interview the Insta-famous and internationally recognized artist Donald Robertson. Since the interview, Donald has made many big steps in his career. He launched his DONALD ROBERTSON x SMASHBOX “Be Legendary” lipstick at Colette in Paris. Robertson teamed up with the ASPCA and is selling high fashion, pet inspired paintings, tanks, and totes exclusively at One King’s Lane. He’s been working with Brian Atwood, who he designed amazing S/S15 Collection heels for and created a book with. Robertson also has an upcoming collaboration with designer Kara Ross this month. He is hand painting leather and waxed canvas “faux grocery bags,” which will be sold at Kara Ross’s New York store front on Madison and 60th on November 24th. But most excitingly (in my opinion), the artist announced via Instagram his new line of t-shirts for J. Crew. Good news – these ones are actually adult size. Better news – they are available for purchase online. Also, if you have a few extra thousand dollars to spend, bid on the chance to have Donald paint a custom portrait of you on Gavel&Grand.

Donald Robertson is a phenomenal artist whose creations always manage to blow me away. Make sure to follow him on Instagram, and, if you haven’t had the chance, check out Part I of WFU Style’s interview with Donald.

Donald in Paris for his the DONALD ROBERTSON x SMASHBOX "Be Legendary" launch

Donald in Paris for his the DONALD ROBERTSON x SMASHBOX “Be Legendary” launch

WFU Style: You repurpose a lot of typical, everyday items and use them in your art. What are your favorite materials to use? Is December 26 a great day for you because of all the scraps and toy boxes?

Donald Robertson: December 23rd is a great day because that’s is when our accident twins were born! I hate throwing stuff out! Everything can be art!

WS: Do you ever have trouble telling the twins apart? (They are both so cute!) In 10 years, do you think they will think they are going to be embarrassed by pictures you have posted of them?

DR: The runty one, my favorite of all five, who barely made it, is now out crawling and out talking his giant gorgeous brother who just lays there.  So it’s easy to tell them apart. These boys are the Mary Kate and Ashley of Instagram! Hopefully they will turn out as well.

Henry Robertson with Digital Karl Lagerfelds

WS: What are the pros and cons of being a social media promoted artist?

DR: No cons all #pros.

WS: Out of everyone that you have drawn, who do you most want to see wear a “Drawberston drew me” shirt?

DR: Anna Wintour or Karl Lagerfeld.  

WS: What is your dream commission?

DR: Paint Garbage to resemble Louis Vuitton for Louis Vuitton. I’m close! Stay tuned.

WS: In another interview, you said your style icon is Wes Anderson. You also have posted many Anderson-inspired pieces on Instagram. If the two of you collaborated, what would it look like?

DR: Wes currently collaborates with another idol of mine Hugo Guinness. Thinking about the two of them sitting head to head writing Grand Hotel Budapest makes me want to Explode! BOOM!

Some of Robertson’s work he has Instagrammed, including Jenna Lyons, J. Crew founder, wearing a “Donald Drew Me” shirt and a sneak peek at his book with Brian Atwood.

WS: When was the last time the Ping-Pong table (your desk) was actually used for a game of Ping-Pong?

DR: My son Miles got so good at it. We all wanted to kill him! So it is now neutered. No more balls!

WS: Favorite thing on TV right now?

DR: Turn off the TV! Make stuff instead!

WS: Do you have any advice for college students who are aspiring to enter the fashion and art world?

DR: Hustle up! Everyone in fashion started from nothing! It’s not like we are doctors you know! Hustle! Help people you admire and never utter the word NO!

WS: Favorite Instagrammer?

DR: @yogurt_thepirate

L: @yogurt_thepirate, C: The twins, R: Donald for J. Crew tee

WS: If you were not Donald Drawbertson (aka artist/Creative Director), who/what would you be?

DR: Of all your questions this is the only one that stumped me! Thanks to Instagram there is no one else I’d rather be right now!  Is that wrong to say out loud!?

– GW

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