Interview Series: Creative Junkie Confessions with Carelia Morán

Our president and Editor-in-chief, Ivanna Martinez, will be interviewing different “Creative Junkies” in a new interview series. Our first interview is with Fashion Blogger, Carelia Morán!


With her vintage shades on and a glass of red wine in her hand, Carelia Morán a.k.a. My Small Wardrobe sat down with me at Camino Bakery to chat about her style, her life as a blogger and most importantly, the power of a red sole. Morán, a Honduran born shoe lover, has had quite the ride after starting her blog just two years ago. She’s been featured in Lucky and InStyle Magazine, as well as debuting internationally in both Elle and Marie Claire Spain. Carelia knows the ins and outs of showcasing a style blog, so we asked her a few tips and tricks when it comes to blogging, writing and even getting some insta followers! 


So, My Small Wardrobe, Why a style blog?

Carelia: Fashion to me was always a creative outlet, it was a world I could imagine and create on my own. Growing up in a Latin American country, you wore the clothes that were given to you and there wasn’t any kind of magic when it came to styling them. It wasn’t until I was a teenager when I thought how amazing it was to have a personal style, to be given that opportunity. I didn’t have much, but I worked with what I had, and created that magic on my own.


 Do you run your blog alone? Or do you have a team?

Carelia: I write everything and style everything on my own. I am my own team (laughs), but I do have help from my boyfriend. He helps me edit my grammar and things of that sort that I have a little more trouble doing. English is not my first language, so I definitely have a little help with that. My boyfriend is also my photographer, so that’s convenient too! 

I’m always fascinated by how people keep their blog so consistent. What’s your key to keeping My Small Wardrobe so steady and new?

Carelia: You need to have the desire to do this. There are a lot of things I have quit in my life, trust me. I quit Insanity workouts just after a week (laughs) but why? Because I didn’t have the drive to keep going, and that’s something you really need in order to keep a blog. You want to stay relevant!


Do you work on it every day?

Carelia: I will Instagram once or twice every day, but I work on my blog full time Monday through Thursday. I figured out a work schedule that gives me a good amount of time to work on my blog, as well as go to my full time job. I only go to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday but like I said, it’s a full time job, so I squeeze in 40 hours into those three days. When it comes to holidays and things of that sort, I do like taking a break. Everyone deserves a break! When I’m with my family and friends, I’ll put the blog aside for 3-4 days, the time that it needs, and be with them.

You are so hard working!

Carelia: Fashion and blogging is a passion for me. I don’t have kids in the house anymore and my only priority is really taking care of myself, so I can work like this and have my free time as well. Just like an athlete finds time in doing their workouts, I find the time to take selfies (laughs).


 You mentioned your Instagram, do you like to only keep it professional?

Carelia: My instagram obviously has a lot of fashion in it, but I also like adding pictures where I show a little glimpse of my personal life. I take pictures of my dog, my runs, my travels and my life because I think it’s important to show your followers that you have a life too. And I think that’s why I get so many followers. I show my genuine side and give them a little sneak peek at who I am as a person, not just a style blogger. I don’t like seeing Instagrams that are just outfits, outfits, outifts, like a catalog. I want to know their lifestyle, like “oh she does that, she’s like me!”. I want to relate. Otherwise you’re just another catalog.

More about your background, do you think your Latin flare influences a lot of your fashion sense?

Carelia: Oh absolutely! When I moved here there was little I could purchase. Things like, a thong… my mom had to ship them to me! Coming from a Latin country you’d wear those after diapers (laughs). Certain things like color and color blocking influence a lot of my style. I grew up on the coast, and there was a West African tribe called Garifuna. Their use of bright colors inspired me as a child and still do today. I think that this Latin side of me has also helped me style what I wear, as well as not be afraid of trying new things.

How to wear the fringe trend

Every woman likes her one item to splurge on. Whether it’s the bags, the jewelry or the shoes, what’s an item you love indulging in?

Carelia: I do like shoes (laughs). It’s a thing. I don’t know where it comes from! but I have this obsession with them. Once in a while I will splurge on a nice pair of shoes just because I believe in the quality vs. the quantity. Christian Louboutin is one of my favorites, I think partly because the red sole makes me feel sexy (laughs). Yves Saint Laurent is also a favorite of mine!

Were you always into designer?

Carelia: I love designer, and I think that a splurge is always a must (especially shoes!). But there’s a time and place for buying pricey items, and at your age I wasn’t able to. I then had my two sons, so I wasn’t able to afford any of the stuff I am able to now. But, that does not mean I sacrificed my style. I kept true to myself, and worked with what I had.


 So you like your shoes, any other statements?

Carelia: Definitely sunglasses. Shoes and sunglasses are my biggest splurge items in my wardrobe. I get migraines a lot and lighting can hurt my eyes so when I’m not thinking of splurging on shoes, it’s definitely a good pair of shades.

Shoes, sunglasses, but you haven’t mentioned bags. Do you splurge on those?

Carelia: I personally don’t like it when a bag makes the outfit. I like having the bag as an accessory, so I don’t splurge on bags. But that’s not to say that I don’t wear cute ones. This one I’m wearing now was $15 at a vintage store, and I think it has more of a personality than a Prada. I love some designer bags, but it’s not something I’d spend my money on.


Ah yes, Money Money Money. Do you have any secrets when it comes to buying designer?

Carelia: Always check for sales. Sales are truly any girl’s best friend. I get a lot of my designer purchases through sales, and blogger discounts can’t hurt either! (laughs). I could never see myself buying a pair of shoes as expensive as their original price. It wouldn’t feel good. Plus sales are sort of rewarding! It’s all about the thrill of finding something you like, and at a better price.

Any beauty products you can’t live without?

Carelia: Lipstick and sunscreen. The key to youth? Sunscreen and any kind of protection from the sun. My sister has one of the most beautiful complexions, and her secret has always been to wear sunscreen every day. Lipstick is also a must. I don’t have to be wearing anything on my face, but I always need to be wearing some kind of color on my lips. I look like a boy without lipstick on!


Do you think you have a particular style?

I’d say that my style is emotional. All of my looks depend how I’m feeling, I wouldn’t say I have one particular look. The weather has a lot to do with it as well! I would say, though, that I wear a lot of vintage, so you can call my style somewhat of vintage. I love wearing vintage because I feel like I’m wearing someone else’s life. Someone else was wearing this sequin sweater who knows where, possibly a cabaret! A mix of vintage and contemporary make the look in a way “Spicy”.

Ooo Vintage! Do you have any particular places you like going to?

Vintage shopping is my hobby, and I love finding new places to shop! Design Archives Vintage in Winston Salem is a definite must! I also really like going to “Vintage Jane” in Kernersville, one of my regular places to go, as well as “Honey Pot” in Asheville. The lady that owns the store is all of her stuff, and I’ve found my best vintage in her store.


You’re known to be the most popular style blog here in the triad area. Would you say that Winston’s small community helped your blog get more attention?

Oh yes (laughs), definitely. Its funny, one time I was told I got so much attention because I’m foreign, and I have to disagree on that. I think I get the attention I get because I put myself out there on the Internet, social media and everywhere I possibly can. There is a lot of good style here in town, and I think it has something to do with the school of the arts. People come from all over! I just have the guts to showcase my style. Winston definitely doesn’t lack in style, I just think the attitude towards showing it is a little bit more private and shy almost.

What’s one piece of advice you’d like to give our readers?

Wear what you love, do what you love, don’t think you need to get everyone’s approval on it. I wore this one outfit the other day and got either a “oh wow she looks good” reaction, and a “oh wow she looks… interesting” one, and let me tell you, I like getting the “Oh wow she looks… Interesting” reaction more. Because honestly, it’s boring if everyone likes your style. That means that you have nothing different to offer! What better than getting a different reaction? It just lets you get more comfortable with your own style. Follow what you like, do what you love and always be true to yourself.


Thank you so much for interviewing with us, Carelia! You can Follow Carelia Morán on Instagram: @mysmallwardrobe and on her blog:! Check back with us next month when we interview our next creative junkie!

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