Keeping up with the Kardashians: All About the Beauty

‘Tis the season for another Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiere. 11 seasons later and we feel as though we know this family like our own. We’ve watched the Jenner girls, Kendall and Kylie, grow up in front the camera. For Kim, cheetah print dresses turned into Balenciaga trenches. For the youngest two, converse changed to chic Saint Laurent boots. By now, it’s no secret that the Kardashian clan has developed a signature style—each sister with a glam all her own.

Their makeup and beauty habits are no exception. The Kim K contour nearly saturates YouTube with hundreds of thousands of tutorials and product reviews; but, keeping up with the Kardashians isn’t so easy when you don’t have a team of makeup artists and stylists at the snap of your perfectly manicured fingers. Pinpointing what products they use is just about as daunting as picking your favorite sister. A practical take on their signature glamour, these five beauty products will help suit your Kardashian cosmetic cravings.


1. Kim: Nudestix Sculpting Pencil ($24)

The reality of the Kim K contour is that it’s not a reality. With so many products dedicated to helping you sculpt out your cheeks into some sort of Kardashian-inspired fallacy, it’s easy to get caught up in the contouring. However, Nudestix offers a line of products with a much more natural take on this high-glam trend. Teens Ally and Taylor Frankel created the brand with the help of their mother. Millennials flocked. It’s as if the industry was craving an effortless Kim look. They call it “Crayola meets Chanel” in their interview with Teen Vogue.

Application tip: Blend the product with a dampened Beauty Blender for a natural finish.


2. Khloe: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara ($23)

The closest thing to Khloe’s false lashes, this product is engineered to be buildable. You won’t get clumpy, stiff lashes after multiple coats—it gets better with each layer. The hourglass brush shape makes application easier from root to tip. To finish the Khloe-inspired face, pair this holy grail mascara with a dramatic eye and nude lip.


3. Kourtney: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector ($41)

 She may be, perhaps, the most underrated of the sisters, but her luminous skin is the beauty craze we all love right now. Strobing, as it’s called, adds a healthy sheen to the face. This Becca product creates just enough dew without being glittery. You’ll glow when the light hits, just like Kourtney. It’s a paraben-free cosmetic that can be used everywhere: your face, lips, eyes and body. The shade “Moonstone” looks lovely on fair-skinned ladies, while “Topaz” compliments darker complexions. It’s simply radiant.

Application tip: Apply with a dampened Beauty Blender. Product should be placed where light naturally hits the face: brim of the nose, middle of the forehead, and high points of the cheeks.

4. Kendall: Glossier Boy Brow ($16)

 This is heaven for your eyebrows. Its gel-like formula is dedicated to thickening and holding the brows in place. Stroke the product upward onto your brows for an instant pick-me-up. Kendall owns the natural, thick brows. Simply available in blonde, brown or black, it’s back to the basics. This product kicks the over-done Instagram eyebrow to the curb.


5. Kylie: Mac Whirl Matte Lipstick ($17)

 Kylie puts this “dirty rose” shade on the map, but Mac’s “Whirl” matte lipstick is anything but dirty. It’s polished but edgy, and looks perfect on the rim of a Starbucks latte. This is an iconic lipstick formula in a shade that is flattering on women of all complexions. The traditional Mac packaging is chic, but durable enough to toss in the bottom of your purse. The next time Kylie Instagrams her bold pucker, you’ll know what to grab.

 Application tip: Pair it with the Mac Whirl lip pencil for extra definition. There’s no need to over-line the lips, rock your natural shape!

 – Xo Alex 

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