The Key to Mindful Packing

Whether it be a three day weekend getaway or a three week vacation, packing is never easy. Overpacking is easily one of my weaknesses, as  I’m sure it is for most readers, especially for those who have a passion for fashion. With that being said, lugging around a hefty bag that you can’t squish under your small airplane seat (despite valiant efforts) isn’t actually necessary in order to ensure variety in your vacation wardrobe. Through my experiences of traveling throughout europe for the weekends while abroad, I have learned some packing hacks that help ensure that I have variation within my weekend wardrobe without having to break the zipper of my suitcase in attempt to close it.

The key to mindful packing is to bring very basic, versatile pieces that can be mix-matched with one another. For example, a loose white tee is always the first thing I take out of my closet when packing. My personal favorite place to get basic tees is Zara, where I find variation for reasonable prices. Other staples include a pair of jeans that can be worn to sightsee with a pair of sneakers or to go out on the town at night with a pair of booties or heels.  It’s important to be able to create a variety of outfits so that you don’t feel like you’re guilty of “outfit repeating”. A great way to ensure this is to bring colorful accessories that pop- a scarf, statement jewelry, a cute hat, fun colored bags, fun shoes, and even a few different shades of lipstick will do the trick.

Here I am at the Gucci Garden in Florence wearing a simple leather jacket and jeans, but I dressed it up with a colorful patterned scarf  and shoes with gold stars all over them.

Here I’ve paired a colorful bag and a patterned scarf that are bound to add a pop of color and personality to any outfit!

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